Date : 22nd June 2021


“Revised ROI for IIJS Premiere 2021"

Dear Industry Colleagues and Members,

Greetings from GJEPC! Hope that you are all in good health and got/getting vaccinated.

This circular is in continuation to the earlier circular sent on 16th June 2021 calling for Registration of Interest (ROI) towards participation at IIJS Premiere 2021 (Physical) show - out of Mumbai.

In the earlier circular we had proposed 4 venues (Bengaluru - Karnataka, Gandhinagar - Gujarat, Jaipur – Rajasthan, Noida – Uttar Pradesh) for organizing the show. We now inform you that after due analysis and considering various important factors, we have narrowed down to two cities for organising the show i.e., Bengaluru- Karnataka and Gandhinagar-Gujarat . Our team is on the job and we will inform of the venue very soon.

You are aware that IIJS Premiere 2020, got postponed due to Covid 2019, after stalls were allotted to participants based on the applications which were received. We are also thankful to all exhibitors who have kept their application amounts deposited with us for participating at future version of IIJS Premiere. We would now like to inform you that those applicants of IIJS Premiere 2020 will be considered as last year participants for according preference in allotment at IIJS Premiere 2021 show.

We have received few queries from our members/applicants regarding submission of ROI. Kindly refer to the below points which will clarify your queries & help you in deciding to submit your ROI for IIJS Premiere 2021 (Physical) show- out of Mumbai.

Important Points to Note"

  • All the stalls at IIJS Premiere 2021 will be built-in stalls in octonorm/maxima system (Prefabricated stalls) like IIJS Signature.
  • The region mentioned in the online ROI form and the dropdown option was to only identify from which regional office you have taken your membership with the Council. This has now been rectified in the ROI form to avoid any confusion on mind of any applicant who wants to participate at the show.
  • IIJS Premiere 2021 (Physical) show - out of Mumbai will be organized as a continuation of IIJS Premiere 2020 that was postponed due to Covid-19 and hence the allotment preference will be given only to the applicants who had been allotted the stalls and have their application amount deposited with us.
  • Those who had been allotted stalls at the postponed IIJS Premiere 2020 and will continue with their Participation at IIJS Premiere 2021 will get due preference for IIJS Premiere 2022. They will be able to retain their booth size and location as per IIJS Premiere 2020 allotment.
  • Participants who had been allotted stalls at the postponed IIJS Premiere 2020 and wish to opt out from IIJS Premiere 2021 will lose their preference and booth location at IIJS Premiere 2022.
  • Allotees of IIJS Premiere 2020, to keep their preference of allotment at IIJS Premiere 2022 will need to book at least 50% of their stall space (only Ground level stall to be considered) of IIJS Premiere 2020. The following illustration is for your reference.
  • No of Stalls allotted at IIJS Premiere 2020 At least 50% of stall size to be applied (or More can be applied)
    1 1 or more
    2 1 or more
    3 2 or more
    4 2 or more
    4+4 2 or more
    6 3 or more
    6+6 3 or more
    8 4 or more
    8+8 4 or more
    12 6 or more
    12+12 6 or more
  • New applicants can apply for the maximum allowed stall size at IIJS Premiere 2021 and will also be given preference of participation with at least 1 booth at IIJS Premiere 2022.
  • Allotment will be done through lottery system for IIJS Premier 2021 applicants, in the order of higher number to lower number of booths and as per membership type.

All the interested members are required to submit their Registration of interest (ROI) for participation on or before Friday, 25th June 2021 by filling the ROI from the link Click here to fill Registration of Interest (ROI)” for participation at IIJS Premiere 2021 (Physical show).

For further assistance you may please feel free to contact us on 1800-103-4353 / OR give us missed call on +91–7208048100; or write to us on Members may also raise a ticket for meeting with the GJEPC secretariat on for any further enquiry/assistance for participation at “IIJS Premiere 2021”.

With warm regards,

Sabyasachi Ray

Executive Director

The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council
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