The Mumbai Jewellery Park

Establishment of Jewellery Parks across the country would be a game changer for the industry. It can lift the Indian industry manifold, not just in terms of jewellery exports, but churning products in term of quantity and quality. Jewellery Park would also be a welcome change for local handmade jewellery workers and factories in local Zaveri Bazaars and other clusters in India. These units can relocate themselves in such parks and thus develop the trade itself.

Jewellery Parks would also help in improving the living standards of not only the existing Karigars but also develop interest among the next generation of such workers who are currently reluctant to join the industry due to pitiful working condition and the atmosphere in which the workers currently operate. These workplaces hardly meet minimum requirements like space, ventilation or comfort. Due to lack of proper infrastructure as per the law and other regulation, a regular intervention of Govt. official is slowing down the productivity. At present in most of the units, workers spend approximately 12 hours a day, in room size 10 feet by 12 feet, without self-content units, toilets, pantry, etc). Moreover, there is no proper worker accommodation, no training and no other ancillary facilities.clusters in India. These units can relocate themselves in such parks and thus develop the trade itself.

For creating awareness of Jewellery Parks the Council has organized multiple road shows and seminars at different locations in Mumbai where maximum manufacturing units are located (Zaveri Bazaars, Borivali, and IIJS platform also)

During these seminars we got a response from around 100 manufacturers including small, medium, and large manufacturers who placed a requirement of 5,00000 Sq Ft. unit area in the Jewellery Park. Few larger manufacturers also requested to get an individual space/land for making unique units in the Jewellery Park. Council is considering all the requirements and responses.

As a first step for Jewellery Park we have registered a separate company under Company Act 8. The council will do all the necessary action as soon as possible.