Dec 03, 2015

SSEF Launches Upraded Version of ASDI Device for Detection of Small Synthetic Diamonds

The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF has released an upgraded version of its Automated Spectral Diamond Inspection (ASDI) device which is designed to detect small synthetic diamonds mixed into parcels of natural colourless melée diamonds, the lab said in a release.

ASDI is able to conclusively identify colourless natural diamonds, by sorting out both HPHT and CVD colourless synthetic diamonds, as well any colourless HPHT-treated diamonds that may be included in a parcel. According to the lab, ADSI is the only automated system that can examine large numbers of stones of colourless melee, as small as 1 millimetre in diameter or 0.4 points in size, at high speed and at low cost.

The ASDI device is being marketed and distributed worldwide by SATT Gems SA, which was established in 2014 specifically for that purpose by SSEF, a worldwide authority in gem testing.  A prototype of the device was first released in 2013.

ASDI has a unique capability of being able to sort diamonds by size with high precision, and at the same time authenticate each diamond's natural origin, the SSEF said, adding that it has been tested with millions of melée-sized stones. It is capable of sorting at an average speed of 4,000 stones per hour, adapting it perfectly for industrial environments. The new upgraded version has also been provided an automated symmetry and proportion grading function.

There currently are five ASDI instruments being used on a daily basis. Two are being operated by diamond trading companies in Switzerland, two by leading Swiss watchmaking groups and one by a diamond-grading laboratory.

 More details about the ASDI will be presented at GJEPC-BDB’s DDES Diamond Detection Expo and Symposium in Mumbai, from December 15 to 16.

 "The challenge that the entire diamond industry faces from undisclosed synthetic diamonds requires an industrial solution, and that is what we have developed," said Jean-Pierre Chalain, Director of the Diamond Department at SSEF and Head of ASDI Development at SATT Gems, who will be a speaker and panellist at DDES.