Nov 13, 2014

CIBJO Chief Discusses Carbon-free Industry Campaign with UK’s Climate Change Veteran

CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri discussed the organisation’s educational programme for a carbon-free jewellery industry with Lord Deben, Chairman of the Independent Committee on Climate Change in the United Kingdom, chair of sustainability consultancy Sancroft International, as well as the Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment.  The CIBJO programme had been outlined at the Congress in Moscow in May.

The meeting was also attended by Vivien Johnston, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) and Chair of the Jewellery Ethics Committee of the United Kingdom, as well as drian Gahan, Managing Director of Sancroft International.

Cavalieri pointed out that CIBJO has broadened its focus and has now included the need for providing a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations toits earlier thrust for protecting the integrity of the chain of distribution.

The Congress had taken up the issue of carbon footprints and how companies can reduce the amount of pollution into the atmosphere, and this has now been incorporated in a programme of the Marketing and Education Commission. Prior to the event CIBJO subjected its itself to carbon footprint analysis, to serve as an example to the industry.

Subsequently, environmental sustainability was discussed at the Sustainable Pearls Forum in Hong Kong and the Pacific Precious Coral Forum in Taiwan with Cavalieri presenting CIBJO’s perspective on both occasions.

Photo caption: Lord Deben (right) with Gaetano Cavalieri (center), Vivien Johnston and Vivien Johnston.