Jul 04, 2017

Angola Diamond Reserves Estimated at 1 Billion Carats by ALROSA Team

The deputy director of ALROSA’s Geological Prospecting Unit, Victor Ustinov has said that it  estimated that Angola has a total of at least one billion carats of diamond reserves, according to reports in the African media. He made this statement based on studies carried out by the unit, and added that the number could even rise further.

The study was a part of the cooperation agreement inked between ALROSA and Endiama, the government diamond mining company. The agreement spans mining, scientific research and prospecting of new diamond deposits.

 Ustinov is reported to have said that of the total reserves identified, more than 950 million were in kimberlites and at least 50 million would be found in alluvial soils. The bulk of the diamond bearing kimberlites are likely to be located in northeastern Angola, he added. This area is described as “open territories” where the kimberlites are almost open and visible. While such territories represent only 20% of the geographical area of the country, the remaining 20% of kimberlites are “covert” and spread across the rest of the country.

He clarified further that additional studies may lead to a higher figure of reserves, taking them to as much as 1.5 billion carats.