Aug 30, 2017

Sarine Profileâ„¢ to Include 4Cs Grading and Diamond Verification

In a major move,  Sarine Technologies Ltd’s  Sarine Profile™  Report  will now also  include the  4Cs  of diamond grading, apart from its existing parameters.

The  Company will use various of its technologies to prepare  the expanded report. These include    Sarine Clarity™ and  Sarine Color™ grading; its  DiaMension™ HD Cut grading; and Sarine Light™ light performance grading. Along with all these, it will also, optionally, use advanced synthetic diamond and treatment detection methods. All this will allow it,  “to deliver an unmatched level of accurate, repeatable and automated diamond grading with less subjectivity and far fewer human errors”, Sarine said.

 The Company foresees that the new reports will create a much  higher level of confidence in the diamond’s characteristics as detailed in the report.

 “With these significant enhancements, the Sarine Profile™ report can be configured to include either 4Cs grading and diamond verification, or the standard Sarine Profile™ report with light performance, the hearts & arrows pattern and advanced 3D diamond imaging, or an all-inclusive combination provided in one comprehensive report,” Sarine noted. “The Sarine Profile™ report can thus allow retailers to sell their diamonds backed by a technologically accurate digital report that is geared towards the modern, internet-savvy and social media-oriented consumer.”  

David Block, Chief Executive Officer of Sarine, commented: "The days of dry, technical, non-intuitive diamond reports are coming to an end. Sarine's new reports can provide consumers with a more reliable and coherent way to buy diamonds and diamond jewellery, and can support the entire diamond pipeline with a new level of accuracy, objectivity and repeatability.”