Feb 15, 2018

New Videos of “Real is a Diamond” to be Unveiled During the XXIII Olympic Winter Games

Real is a Diamond has partnered with The NBCU Content Studio to create on new custom video content  which is planned to be unveiled during the live on-air and digital broadcast of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Titled “The Making of a Gem”, the short  video films were developed “to showcase the striking similarities between the unique journey of an athlete on the rise, and a diamond”, the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) said.     

Tapping  into “the emotional context of a diamond’s symbolic meaning”, the three videos depict  a snowboarder, an ice skating duo, and a women’s ice hockey team “to demonstrate the natural forces and elements that forge both diamond and competitor”.

The films have been stunningly shot in icy winter locations and “contrast the beauty, purity and precision of sport with the pressure and commitment required to transform natural promise into a unique achievement of enduring strength and brilliance”, DPA explains. “The final beat in each emotional and inspiring story links the athletes’ authentic talent and excellence with that of a one-of-a-kind diamond.”

“The breadth of common themes was surprisingly rich, and made for seamless and layered storytelling,” said Deborah Marquardt, Chief Marketing Officer for the Diamond Producer’s Association. “Like diamonds, the immense pressure and the deep inner forces competitors must endure in order to grow strong, find their edge and ultimately shine is an ideal narrative to explore during our most cherished and meaningful celebration of sport and human connection.”

“Having a partner like Real is a Diamond enabled us to develop these unique stories, connect with an exciting cultural moment, and bring diamonds to audiences in contextually relevant environments both on and off the NBCU portfolio,” said Wendy Wildfeuer, Senior Vice President, The NBCU Content Studio.

Stylist Tanya Dukes who chose the jewellery featured in the films, explained: “In each film, we styled the athletes in realistic, current diamond jewellry that they’d actually wear, including some of their own pieces. The jewellery was an authentic part of their personal style.” She sourced the pieces from a range of diamond jewellery designers including Sydney Evan, Jade Trau, Ritani, Sethi Couture, Barbela, Hearts on Fire and Forevermark.

“The Making of a Gem” series launched across NBCUniversal’s digital and social platforms on February 5, 2018, and will begin airing on the linear networks on February 10, 2018. The films will be distributed through NBCUniversal’s portfolio-wide platform across social, video programming, and the company’s strategic partnerships with Apple News and Vox Media. Videos and supplemental content will also run on Real is a Diamond owned and operated channels, as well as in cinema.