Apr 06, 2018

Two Iconic Pinks – Argyle Pink Diamonds and Pink Panther – Pair up in Perth Mint Ingot

It is truly a partnership of iconic proportions. The coming together of two stellar symbols of the colour pink!

In a unique partnership, the immortal Pink Panther and rare pink diamonds from Argyle have been brought together in the latest creation by the Perth Mint, the Pink Panther 2018 1oz Pink Diamond Ingots.

This rare collector’s item – only 35 are available in in platinum and just 300 in gold – “superbly captures the mischievous and nonchalant nature of the svelte cat as he is poised to pluck a stunning handset Argyle pink diamond from its display plinth”, according to a report in Coin Week. Each ingot is housed in a transparent replica diamond embedded inside a luxurious black presentation case.

The report adds that the Pink Panther debuted in a 1963 self-titled comedy-mystery film and became immensely popular, accompanied by Henry Marcini’s Grammy award-winning theme music, and soon after led to the creation of a series of theatrical cartoon shorts, the Pink Panther Show, many later box office movies and a range of memorabilia.

Each ingot has two rare Argyle Pink Diamonds – one each on the reverse and obverse – with a total carat weight of 0.08 and in colour grades between Fancy Intense to Vivid Purplish Pink.

Perth Mint Chief Executive Officer Richard Hayes said, “Working with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) to produce this licensed product range, which also features some of the world’s rarest colored diamonds, the ingot collection is sure to impress Pink Panther enthusiasts.”

Pic caption: A Platinum Pink Panther Ingot

Pic courtesy: Perth Mint