Apr 09, 2018

GIA India Conducts ‘Introduction to Merchandising’ Course in Mumbai

A special four-day ‘Introduction to Merchandising’ course conducted by GIA India at its campus in the city saw  more than 20 students being introduced to the finer points of planning, development and implementation of a strategy to meet sales targets.

The course was designed to introduce students to key facets of the Indian jewellery marketplace and its targets. They were helped to grasp principles of how to choose a market position and appropriate target customers, understand relevant product assortment development, planning and marketing. They were also taught concepts of budgeting and forecasting, the development of category and price point plans, how to make manufacturing and buying decisions, the concept of inventory management and how to use visual merchandising strategies to maximise the sales process.

Nirupa Bhatt, Managing Director of GIA India & Middle East, said, “Merchandising – both product and visual – is a key component of any jewellery business. There was great interest in this course from jewellers and professionals wishing to build a career in merchandising. The participants gained insight from the course to benefit their businesses and add value to the industry.”

One of the participants, GIA Graduate Gemologist Prachi Adeshra, concurred, saying, “It’s a useful course for new-comers and millennials interested in retail, wholesale or merchandising or manufacturing jewellery. The programme is also a great platform to network with people coming from all around the country with real experiences.”

In addition to the Merchandising course, GIA India also offers full-time courses on diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, jewellery design and more, as well as conducts Trade Education Seminars and retail sales associate training programmes on various topics across more than 180 cities in India.