Apr 11, 2018

ALROSA Rough and Polished Diamonds Sales Reach US$ 559.5 Million in March

ALROSA Group said it sold US$ 559.5 million of rough and polished in March, boosted by higher demand for medium and large-size rough and good results at the special size diamond auctions.

Total sales included rough diamond sales of US$ 550.3 million and polished diamond sales of US$ 9.1 million, the miner reported.

For the three month period ended March 31, ALROSA’s total diamond sales amounted to US$ 1.606 billion. Rough diamonds were sold for USD 1,582 billion, polished diamonds – for USD 23.7 million.

Commenting on the sales, ALROSA Deputy CEO Yury Okoemov said, “In January-March, world markets saw higher demand for medium and large-size rough diamonds compared to the same period last year. There was a slight seasonal cooling off in demand in March. However, good results of special size diamond auctions (over 10.8 carats) ensured higher sales this month compared with February 2018. Whereas it should be noted that at the end of the first quarter rough diamond stock approached the technological minimum level.”