May 17, 2018

India’s Polished Diamond Exports for April 2018 Rise by Over 14% Y-o-Y

The (provisional) figures for India’s exports and imports for the month of  April 2018, released by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) show that gross exports of gems and jewellery   from the country for that month amounted to US$ 3,132.74 million, as compared US$ 3,848.58 million worth of total g&j exports achieved in the same period of the previous year. This represents a decline of 18.60%.

 Imports of gems and jewellery products touched US$ 2,351.15 million in  April 2018, as against imports of  US$ 3,096.37 million  for the same period of the previous year; thus marking a decrease of 24.07%.

However, the cut & polished diamonds segment of the g&j sector continued to sparkle.  Exports  of cut & polished diamonds reached  US$ 1,994.76 million   in the month of April 2018 as compared to exports worth US$ 1,749.20 million in April 2017, thus registering a growth of 14.04%.  

The  imports of cut & polished diamonds on the other hand, fell sharply by 38.16%; from   US$ 184.95 million in April 2017 to US$ 114.37 million in April 2018.

Imports of rough diamonds for the month at US$ 1516.45 million  showed a decline of 12.96%   compared to  the rough imports of  US$ 1742.30 million in the same period of the previous year.

In volume terms,  imports of 154.05 lakh carats rough diamonds in   April 2018   marked a decline  of 8.98%   when compared with rough diamond imports of  169.24 lakh  carats in  April 2017.

Gold jewellery exports for the month of April 2018  amounted to US$ 913.04 million, as against  US$ 610.26 million worth of exports achieved by the category in April 2017;  marking  a growth of 49.61%. 

Provisional gross export of gold medallions & coins for the period April 2018 at US$ 68.41 million registered a  decline of 87.64%   over the comparative figure of US$ 553.59  million for April 2017.

Silver Jewellery  exports of  US$ 34.19 million for  April 2018 registered a  decrease   of 95.56%  as compared to  exports mounting to  US$ 769.78 million   reported in  April 2017.

Exports  of coloured gemstones for the period April 2018 stood at US$ 19.62 million  marking a  decline of 22.70% compared to  exports worth US$ 25.38 million achieved in April 2017.


GJEPC Note:  Data pertaining to DGCI&S is not available for April 18 and as such, comparison is done only for figures available with the Council.