Jul 05, 2018

Antwerp Polished Diamond Trade Up in June, But Rough Exports Continue to Dip

Mirroring the trend seen during the previous months, rough exports from Antwerp dipped by 8.13% in value terms in the month of June, while polished exports showed a rise of 3.62% in the same month, according to figures released by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) this week.

In June 2018, the Antwerp centre exported over 11.07 million carats of rough at a value of US$ 1.09 billion, a year-on-year fall of 2.01% in terms of volume, and of 8.13% in value terms. Rough imports dropped by 13.37% in value terms, but rose marginally by 0.71% in volume terms – with 7.96 mn carats of rough being imported at US$ 864 million – as compared to a year earlier.

During June 2018, the Antwerp centre exported 434,631 cts of polished at a value of US$ 1.04 bn, a drop of 5.56% in volume terms but a rise of 3.62% in value terms year-on-year. During the month, the centre imported 499,813 cts of polished at a value of US$ 1.16 bn, registering an increase of 1.97% in volume terms and of 7.06% in value terms as compared to June 2017.

During the first six months of 2018, rough exports totalled 66.84 mn cts at US$ 6.85 bn, remaining virtually flat with a drop of 0.11% in volume terms and a slightly stronger rise of 3.79% in value terms, while rough imports of 49.44 mn cts at US$ 5.89 bn were similarly up by a marginal 0.951 y-o-y in volume terms and a somewhat higher 3.84% in value terms.

Polished exports during the first half of 2018 stood at 2.55 mn cts at US$ 6.13 bn, almost flat with a 0.85% dip in volume and 1.14% increase in value, while polished imports of 3.11 mn cts  at US$ 6.18 bn, were up 3.91% in volume and 1.86% in value terms y-o-y.