Oct 11, 2018

Jewelers of America to Launch Consumer Marketing Programme in 2019

Jewelers of America (JA), US’s national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewellery marketplace, is the latest industry organisation to pitch in to the worldwide efforts by various gems and jewellery bodies to woo consumer attention.

The association recently announced that it will be “coordinating the launch of a consumer marketing programme in 2019”.

Elaborating on its plans, JA said: “The campaign will be an industry-wide collaboration to increase consumer desire for jewellery and drive jewellery sales by promoting the unique and emotional aspects of jewellery ownership versus other disposable income purchases.” 

JA President & CEO David J. Bonaparte commented: “The jewellery industry has voiced their needs for a generic consumer campaign that speaks with actionable, yet sentimental messages about jewellery. We are excited to be moving forward with the campaign that our industry has been so passionate about. We are also calling on all levels of the supply chain to band together for this initiative that will truly be by the industry, for the industry.” 

JA  is currently raising funds for a test campaign. The industry body has established a “Pioneer Program” for those visionary companies who see the necessity for the campaign, believe in its success and want to contribute. “Pioneer companies will be recognised through a variety of mechanisms, including: press coverage, inclusion in trade advertsing, recognition in all digital content related to the program and recognition during the 2019 GEM Awards in New York,” JA elaborated. 

“The hyper-targeted, digitally based campaign will run in a targeted region, allow the industry an opportunity to see the campaign creative in real time and establish key learnings before launching nationally,” JA stated.

The current companies joining JA in the Pioneer Program are: American Gem Society (AGS), Emerald Expositions, Forevermark, Gemological Institute of America, Gumuchian, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, JCK Industry Fund, Rahaminov Diamonds, Royal Chain Group and Greenland Ruby.