May 16, 2019

Lulo Yields a 130-Ct Gem; the Second +100 Ct Diamond Recovered From the Mine This Year

Lucapa Diamond Company Limited recently recovered  a 130 carat gem quality diamond from its joint venture, Lulo Diamond Project in Angola.

This takes the total number of +100 carat diamonds recovered to date to 13. It is the second +100 carat diamond to be recovered so far in 2019.

“This recovery, together with the continued recovery of other large Special white and fancy coloured diamonds continues to highlight the very special nature of the Lulo diamond concession,” the Company emphasised.

The latest addition joins the current inventory of high-value large Special run-of-mine diamonds, including top colour white diamonds, weighing 128 carats and 62 carats, as well as a number of fancy pink coloured diamonds.

“The majority of the diamond inventory is scheduled for sale this quarter by the alluvial mining company, Sociedade Mineira Do Lulo, however, some diamonds may be extracted and held for tender at a later date,” Lucapa announced.

Pic Cap: The 130 carat diamond recovered from Lulo (pre-deep boiling)

Pic Courtesy: Lucapa Diamond Company Limited