May 16, 2019

JCK Las Vegas Together with ICA Introduces the Global Gemstone Neighborhood at this Year’s Show

This year, at the JCK Las Vegas Show, the organisers, in conjunction with the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), will introduce the new ‘Global Gemstone Neighborhood’  in May 2019.

The 8,300 square-foot neighborhood includes member exhibitors of the ICA and a dedicated ballroom for Fine Gems, spanning five exhibition areas for gemstones.

"The ICA coloured gemstone marketplace/exhibition at JCK Las Vegas offers something for all jewellery professionals for various facets of their business, whether they are a designer or a retailer who does custom work in-house," says Clement Sabbagh, ICA President. "Every ICA member adheres to a strict code of ethics and standards from mine to market, with responsible sourcing of natural coloured gemstones, as well as full written disclosure of any known treatments or enhancements to a gemstone. This type of responsibility and transparency ensures the respect, reputation and esteem of the fine jewellery industry and builds both consumer confidence and trust."

The organisers announced that for convenience and ease of navigation, the Global Gemstone Neighborhood will span five locations in close proximity on Level 1 of the Show Floor, Hall G, Sands Meeting Rooms; and three consecutive ballrooms. ICA members will exhibit in the Casanova ballroom; Fine Gems will be housed in the Marco Polo ballroom, and additional U.S. and international gemstone vendors will exhibit in the Galileo ballroom, the Sands Meetings Rooms and Hall G.

The Global Gemstone Neighborhood opens on Thursday, May 30, 2019; and will remain  open throughout the JCK Las Vegas show (Friday, May 31 - Monday, June 3).

Pic Courtesy: ICA