Sep 12, 2019

Bibhu Mohapatra’s New Designs for the Forevermark Artemis Collection Unveiled at New York Fashion Week

Forevermark in collaboration with ace fashion – and now also jewellery -- designer Bibhu Mohapatra unveiled the latest designs in his Artemis Collection, in association with PMJ Jewels, during New York Fashion Week.

“Bibhu Mohapatra an expert craftsman who continues to grace the runway with his refined collections, using exquisite fabrics alongside tailoring to create sophisticated yet edgy looks, brings this same expertise to his latest designs for the Artemis Collection in collaboration with Forevermark,” the diamond brand from De Beers said extolling the designer. “Featuring beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced Forevermark diamonds, Bibhu drew inspiration from nature and the unique qualities of a woman in his latest designs for the Artemis Collection.”

The innovative jewellery collection was produced by Forevermark jeweller PMJ Jewels and beautifully complemented Bibhu’s fashion designs.

PMJ Jewels is known for its “high standards of precision and quality craftsmanship with diamond jewellery, which is striking, imaginative and elegant,” Forevermark added.

The new collection features layered necklaces, cocktail rings, pendant necklaces, earrings, bracelets and cuffs.

“Women, like nature, have always withstood the test of time with grace, beauty and elegance,” expounded Mohapatra. “Like a true commitment, they prevail with every challenge, with unmatched calibre of strength, courage and determination. This unique character of the female species has inspired the evolution of Artemis. Forevermark and I have a long-standing partnership that is backed with commitment and excellence. Their core ideology of using only the most beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced natural diamonds, resonates with my brand ideologies and design principles. I am excited to showcase the new designs from the Forevermark Artemis Collection hand crafted by PMJ Jewels, with my fashion line, as each piece of the collection represents a beautiful quality, a characteristic, a trait that encapsulates the true essence of a woman. Undoubtedly natural diamonds make fashion timeless!”

Speaking on the occasion, Sachin Jain, President Forevermark India said, “Forevermark is proud to return to New York Fashion Week with our newest designs from the Forevermark Artemis Collection in collaboration with the talented Bibhu Mohapatra. The latest offering by Bibhu and PMJ Jewels resonates with women of the world as it strikes a perfect balance of modernity and tradition that projects confidence. The collection is truly special combining Bibhu’s unique vision, with flawless craftsmanship by PMJ and beautiful Forevermark diamonds.”

“It gives us immense pleasure to partner with a world-class fashion designer such as Bibhu Mohapatra and Forevermark to showcase the elegant new designs from the Artemis Collection during New York Fashion Week,” said Dinesh Jain, M.D., PMJ Jewels. The collection is an assortment of beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamond jewellery comprising 17 pieces. These uniquely crafted pieces exemplify elegance, finesse, craftsmanship, which perfectly complements Bibhu’s fashion creations.”

The new designs from the Artemis Collection will be immediately available at Bibhu Mohapatra’s studio in New York and at the PMJ Jewels store in India.