Feb 25, 2015

Design Inspirations 2015: Thought Provoking Insights on Designing for the Marketplace -2

One of the highlights of Day 1 of the seminar was the presentation of Paola De Luca, of The Futurist Ltd, who had come all the way from Italy is a renowned jewellery trends analyst and has been in this field for several years. “Trend forecasting is necessary for strategising,” De Luca said. “Creativity  can be for personal satisfaction. But to make a better sale you must have the right product at the right time.”

The psychology of customers and the economic climate were two aspects important to keep in mind when designing, De Luca pointed out, and technology is evolving to meet market and consumer needs. For example, she said, light weight items were very popular presently in the US given the economic scenario. She also said that it was important to keep ethnicity, regional particularities and lifestyles of the audience one was designing for,  at  the forefront.  She gave a detailed insight into the US  market and how it was subtly different region to region going East to North to West to the South. De Luca went on to deconstruct the various trends as pertained to the various groups of customers.

Farah Khan Ali, one of the better known designers of our times in the country, and who also has a large clientele abroad, spoke on the collaboration between a designer and a retailer. Farah herself has had collaborations with various retailers before her latest tie-up with Tanishq. Her presentation reflected her rich experience and thoughtful dissection of how best a designer and retailer can work together. It provided valuable insights into how the two can mutually benefit by combining the strengths and talents of both; without either being competitive or taking advantage of the other’s goodwill.  

Dr. Parag K. Vyas of Grau Bar Design Studio, speaking on the Jewellery of the future, took the audience through the process of designing from ideation to creation introducing them to interesting concepts along the way.

“Blending Tradition and Innovation” was the topic on which  Abhishek Haritwal, of luxury jewellery Symetree spoke.  He went on to delve into the rich heritage of Indian jewellery specifically in relation to the royals of Rajasthan and the Nizams of Hyderabad. 

Vikram Merchant, Director – India Representative Office, Rio Tinto Diamonds made a presentation on their Nazraana programme.  He spoke of how the company had identified the market segment for Nazraana and positioned it as a jewellery gifting brand going beyond  the narrow bridal  market – limited to bride and groom -- but rooted very much in this target rich segment. And, finally, Merchant spoke  about how they positioned Nazraana for other jewellery buying occasions   through some excellent advertising. 

Pallavi Folley, another young designer who has made a name for herself, spoke in detail on “How to Design a Collection”. For her, it is important to have the customers actively participating in the process by including them, chatting with them, allowing them to see the designers work from sketching the ideas to  developing mood boards, 3-D versions etc. She went on to show examples of her work from inspiration to the final pieces.

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Chairman GJEPC Vipul Shah presenting a memento to keynote speaker Shimul Vyas