Mar 19, 2015

CIBJO Diamond Commission to Discuss ‘Single Grading System’ at Upcoming Congress

A Special Report released by the CIBJO Diamond Commission in the run-up to the organisation’s 2015 CIBJO Congress in Salvador, Brazil, on May 4, 2015 has said that the question of developing a universally accepted ‘single grading system’ is one of the important issues that will be discussed at the meet.

The report, which has been prepared by Udi Sheintal who heads the Commission, says, “Is there a single international standard for diamond grading, in which what is stated on a grading report is understood in the same way, irrespective of who issued it? If not, is it not time that we proactively pursue the establishment of an international standard? And who should be grading the graders?"

Shenital refers to a recent court case in the United States, at which a consumer alleged that the colour of a diamond sold to him had been "over-graded," and consequently, he had been charged an exaggerated price.

Elaborating on the issue, the report says that an “internationally uniform diamond-grading standard ....... would help signficantly to uphold consumer confidence” because “the consumer market demands and needs unambiguous product information, and expects the diamond, gemstone and jewellery industry to adhere to a well-defined set of accepted standards.”

The Congress session will also discuss measures being taken to tackle the infiltration of undisclosed synthetic diamonds into the pipeline. One of the suggestions it presents is to list those companies which produce synthetic diamonds, as well as those who make the machines that produce them since “traders most often simply do not realise that they have bought and sold synthetic stones in the first place”.