Jun 18, 2015

World Diamond Mark announces partnership with Museum of Named Diamonds

The World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM) became the first industry body to join hands with the newly launched non-profit entity The Museum of Named Diamonds (MoND), with the two organisations announcing yesterday that they have signed an agreement to promote diamond awareness to consumers, and focus attention on the romantic and symbolic nature of diamonds.

The partnership will aim to help retail jewellers communicate the story of diamonds to the consumer, and in particular to target the millennial buyer.

The MoND will, additionally, include on its site, educational information for the consumer on the role of the World Diamond Mark as well as give a link to the WDM’s Authorised Diamond Dealers directory. The WDM will recognise the Museum as the industry's official registry of named diamonds and provide a link to the MoND through its website.

MoND Vice Chairman Jacques Voorhees said, “The MoND is an online museum in which both famous diamonds, and 'personalized' diamonds (natural stones which have been officially named) are displayed along with a brief story that connects the name to the relationship it represents.”

One of the goals of the Museum is to help promote diamonds as a symbol of love, and to use diamond names and their respective stories to highlight this connection.

Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, Program Director of the World Diamond Mark said, "The WDM Authorised Diamond Dealers will get additional promotional value through this tie-up.”.