IIJS is an excellent platform!

Second-time IIJS Virtual participant Sanjay Jain, Owner, Manoj Ornaments talks to Solitaire about the reasons behind his steadfast faith in the show’s ability to generate sales.

Tell us what drove you to participate in both editions of IIJS Virtual.

There is nothing permanent except change. Adapting to the changes around us and updating ourselves is what keeps us ahead in the race. In fact, during the lockdown, we, too, were planning to take our B2B model online as we believed this is a win-win concept for both buyers and sellers.

The Council body works professionally and efficiently. Even the data bank of visitors is extremely important as these could be our potential clients.

In terms of successfully completing transactions, how was the response at the first show?

The response to the show was excellent! Yes, we did have initial hiccups as both buyers and sellers were new to this model, but the Council was prompt in addressing all the issues immediately and have added more features to the 2nd edition based on the exhibitor feedback.

At IIJS, we knew that we would be meeting our existing clients, but we were surprised that more than 70-80% new visitors showed interest, and helped us get 50% more new client appointments. From the 50% leads we converted 30% into business. It was a huge success! It was very convenient, too, as we could showcase our range from the comfort of our offices. There was no travel involved, no stock transport was involved. We have offices in Dubai and Chennai, and our sales executives from these offices didn’t have to travel. So it was a great success!

Are you looking forward to any changes/enhancements at the 2nd edition?

Gems and jewellery are delicate products that need to be touched and felt. The nuances of gemstone jewellery, in particular, can be experienced only in person. For this aspect, we did request for a few changes and enhancements and the Council has taken necessary actions. We look forward to greater customer experience this time!

What type of jewellery is in demand in domestic and international markets?

We are getting excellent response for colour gemstone jewellery. Creativity is appreciated and designer pieces are accepted by millenials. We cater the UAE and US markets. In India, we are known in the Southern region as we specialise in Navratna jewellery. For our newer markets, we have designed fancy necklaces in the range of $20,000 to $50,000. Our clients are going to participate in the Doha jewellery show and they have massive demands. Our Mother-of-Pearl collection of flexi-bangles and fancy new necklaces made of precious gemstones are in great demand and will definitely enhance our sales.

Exporters have reported relatively strong Holiday sales. How did the domestic market perform during the festive and wedding season?

Yes, exports have been good, especially for the United States. Dubai has picked up. East Asia is slow. We are winding down our Hong Kong operations. But we are definitely looking forward to a good season as people due to protocols and restrictions are spending a lot less on other luxury items, and diverting their savings to buying jewellery.

What is your Wish List for the industry and Government?

The wish list for the Government mainly includes issues like replenishment of gold which has been pending for a long time, lower rate of interest, MSME benefits, loan sanctions & processes, and incentives.

Any other comment you would like to share.

We look forward to a good show.It is a good time for the visitors to replenish their jewellery for the upcoming wedding season. IIJS is an excellent platform!

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