Sub: Circular for Opening of Stall Booking of IIJS Premiere 2022, IIJS Signature 2023 & IIJS Tritiya 2023 as a PACKAGE of 3 Shows and avail the DISCOUNT BENEFIT OFFER

Date: 1st May 2022

Dear Members,

Greetings from GJEPC and hope you and your families are safe and Healthy!

We thank you for your participation in making IIJS Signature 2022 a grand success. In spite of the limited time available, we appreciate our members from the gem & jewellery trade of India and abroad for their participation and cooperation in making this show too - a fruitful edition.

Please find below the date and Venue for IIJS shows.

  • IIJS Premiere 2022: from 4th - 8th August 2022, at Bombay Exhibition Centre (NESCO) Mumbai.
  • IIJS Signature 2023 : from 5th - 8th January 2023, at Bombay Exhibition Centre (NESCO) Mumbai.
  • IIJS Tritiya 2023: from 17th - 20th March 2023, at BIEC, Bengaluru.

Based on the feedback received on the market requirement and promising a successful business in the coming financial year, we are happy to open the space application form, simultaneously for all three shows i.e., IIJS Premiere 2022, IIJS Signature 2023 & IIJS Tritiya 2023 for our esteemed members with a unique DISCOUNT BENEFIT OFFER.

With this circular, please find below the link for the space application form for your participation in all three shows for your submission. We request you to fill your space application form on or before 16th May 2022 to avail the DISCOUNT BENEFIT OFFER.

Members who are interested to apply only for IIJS Premiere 2022 are requested to fill this application itself along with the 50% payment as per their space application on or before 16th May 2022. Members applying only for IIJS Premiere 2022 will be charged as per the standard single show rate of IIJS Premiere 2022. Space application for IIJS Signature 2023 & IIJS Tritiya 2023 for participation as a single show will be activated later.

Benefits of participating at all 3 shows:

  1. Discount benefit of participating at all 3 shows will be accounted for & applicable during IIJS Tritiya 2023
  2. Benefit to retain the same area & location at IIJS Signature 2023 as was allocated during IIJS Premiere 2022
  3. Loyalty benefit at IIJS Tritiya 2023 wherein the exhibitors/members who participated at all the 3 shows, will get preference in booth allotment

Applicants may please note that to avail of the DISCOUNT BENEFIT OFFER, one has to participate at all 3 shows as a package and the benefit will be adjusted during participation at the third show i.e., IIJS Tritiya 2023

Space Application form Link: The online space application form opens for entering the details of exhibitors on 5th May 2022 & the last date to apply for continuing the preference for participation will be 16th May 2022. Please note that the submission of the space application form will be accepted only through our online portal at (under Exhibitor Registration) by using the existing username and password (same as being used for membership registration/renewal). Please take note that there will be NO OPTION of physical space application forms for applying for stall space.


  1. All the stalls at IIJS Premiere 2022, IIJS Signature 2023 and IIJS Tritiya 2023 will be built-in stalls in the Maxima system (Shell type).
  2. For the convenience of exhibitors this time it has been decided that no option for RAW space / Duplex Stalls will be allowed to build in all the three IIJS shows.
  3. Participants who had been allotted stalls at the IIJS Premiere 2020 & had participated at IIJS Premiere 2021 in BIEC Bengaluru will be considered for preference in allotment at IIJS Premiere 2022 and will be allotted booths based on their stall allotment (booth size) as was done for IIJS Premiere 2020
  4. All members who had participated for the first time in IIJS Premiere 2021 at BIEC Bangalore will be considered for a minimum of 1 booth (9 sqm) at IIJS Premiere 2022. Booth allotment will be based on receipt of the duly filled Online space application form for IIJS Premiere 2022 and 50% payments received on or before 16th May 2022.
  5. New companies interested to participate in the IIJS Premiere 2022 can apply for only 1 booth (9 sqm) through this Online space application form and subject to availability will be allotted the stalls. (Please look at the payment chart mentioned below)
  6. Members can apply for as many booths as they are interested, in the first edition of IIJS Tritiya 2023, in the package of 3 show application form along with submission of the respective payments for the same on or before 16th May 2022
  7. Applicants may apply for the same number of booths at IIJS Signature 2023 as they have applied for IIJS Premiere 2022. Please note that ONLY ground level booths should be considered as the base for your space application & for more areas if any (Mezzanine space will not be considered)
  8. Mandatory Safe for all exhibitors: Due to limited space at the venue, all the exhibitors are requested to take note that no strong room facility will be available at the venue. Hence all the exhibitors must compulsorily apply for safe. Details will be duly shared in the online exhibitor manual which will be published shortly
  9. New Floor Plan: To properly align the stall space as per space applications received and to accommodate more members, we are revising the Floor Plan for IIJS Premiere 2022, which will be shared shortly. Hence fresh allotment for all the applicants will be done for IIJS Premiere 2022 irrespective of your booth location at IIJS Premiere 2020. The floor plan of IIJS Signature 2023 will also be revised & will be accordingly shared later.
  10. Allotment will be done through a lottery system for IIJS Premiere 2022, in the order of higher number to lower the number of booths and as per your membership type as of 16th May 2022 (Ordinary/MSME/Associate). Kindly refer to the allotment guidelines attached as a link in the mail below.
  11. ONLY fully vaccinated people will be allowed at the IIJS Premiere 2022.
  12. Adherence to the guidelines and rules pertaining to COVID 19 prevention measures and vaccination as issued and mandated by the Central and State Govt. is a must.

You should apply as per the following product Sections at IIJS Premiere 2022 based on the majority of products that you deal with and want to offer to the IIJS Premiere 2022 visitors:

  1. Gold & Gold CZ Studded Jewellery
  2. Diamond, Gemstone & Other Studded Jewellery
  3. Silver Jewellery, Artefacts & Gifting Items
  4. Loose Stones & CVD
  5. Laboratories & Education
  6. Machinery/Allied Section (application and allotment will be done at later date)


  • No counter sale will be permitted during the Exhibition: As per existing rule, if any Exhibitor is found selling any goods, the Council shall take such action as it deems fit including debarring the Exhibitor from participating in the Exhibition and any future exhibitions which may be organized by the Council.
  • In case of any amount outstanding on any account with the Council, Exhibitors will be disqualified from application & allotment process. Also, allotment will not guarantee stall possession in case of any outstanding towards Council on the day of possession of stall.
  • In case of any such instance where it comes to the attention of the Council that an exhibitor has procured a pass/badge under the Visitor category for its own representative by utilizing the name of a non-participating company and such person holding a visitor category pass/badge is found manning the exhibitor’s booth during any time of the exhibition dates, then suitable action shall be taken by the Council against the exhibitor as well as the holder of the visitor badge including but not limited to cancellation of booth for that exhibition & debarment from participation in any future shows which may be organized by GJEPC for both the companies involved thereof.
  • In case it is discovered that a visitor enters the exhibition holding an exhibitor badge and conducts any commercial activity as an Exhibitor, then suitable action shall be taken by the Council as it deems fit against the said person as well as the company who has issued the Exhibitor badge.
    The Exhibitors shall not transfer, dispose of part with or otherwise sublet the whole or part of its Booth, whether for financial consideration or otherwise. The exhibitor must, if he is an agent, distributor or licensee, state at the time of submitting the Application the names or principals to be represented. This does not prohibit an Exhibitor displaying the products of a principal for whom it is acting as an agent, distributor, or sole licensee with the prior written permission from the Council. Further, if any Exhibitor or its representatives allows any other exhibitors or its representative in its booth without proper identification and badges allocated to that particular booth by the Council, then such activity would be considered as sub-letting by the exhibitor and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken against such Exhibitor and its representatives by the Council.

Payment mode for Indian Exhibitors: In our endeavour to provide instant and better facilities to members, we are providing applicants with the easy option of making payment through PAYMENT GATEWAY (ONLINE PAYMENT ONLY). Applicants may note that NO offline (RTGS/NEFT) payment will be accepted for this application.

Purpose Earlier method of payment NEW method of payment APPLICABLE NOW
Stall booking NEFT/RTGS NEFT/RTGS through payment gateway only
Exhibitor to update payment details in the GJEPC portal Payment through Debit /credit card not accepted
  A transaction number will be auto-updated on the GJEPC portal
  Receipt acknowledgement will be done by the bank through SMS

Applicants may please note the participation cost as below:

    Participation Cost for Three shows
      Cost per sqm for Single Show Cost per sqm for Three Shows as a package Advance with application
    IIJS Premiere 2022 Rs.22000 Rs.21500 50%
    IIJS Signature 2023 Rs.22000 Rs.21500 25%
    IIJS Tritiya 2023 Rs.18000 Rs.15000 25%
  • For single show application, only IIJS Premiere 2022 space application form will be opened.
  • In case of any applicant applies for 3 shows together as per the offer, the individual show participation rate as per single show participation will be considered for all three shows package. The calculation and respective DISCOUNT BENEFIT OFFER for all three shows as a package will be accounted for and adjusted during your participation at the third show i.e., IIJS Tritiya 2023.

Below is a comparison as an example for your quick reference regarding the cost of

  • (i) A company going for a single show space application and
  • (ii) A company going for 3 show combos to avail of the DISCOUNT BENEFIT OFFER
Name of the Shows Single Show Rate per sqm 3 show Rate per sqm as per package Area Single show Cost 3 shows Cost for Package booking Total Benefit
IIJS Premiere 2022 ₹ 22,000 ₹ 21,500 72 ₹ 15,84,000 ₹ 15,48,000 ₹ 36,000
IIJS Signature 2023 ₹ 22,000 ₹ 21,500 54 ₹ 11,88,000 ₹ 11,61,000 ₹ 27,000
IIJS Tritiya 2023 ₹ 18,000 ₹ 15,000 36 ₹ 6,48,000 ₹ 5,40,000 ₹1,08,000
₹ 1,71,000

* Please note in the above calculation the benefit of INR 1,71,000 will be adjusted during your participation at the third show i.e., IIJS Tritiya 2023. The Benefit will be as per the area allotted.

Payment Schedule for Three shows
Month May 2022 Jun 2022 Nov 2022 Jan 2023 Total
Instalment 1 2 3 4  
IIJS Premiere 2022 50% 50% 0 0 100%
IIJS Signature 2023 25% 0 75% 0 100%
IIJS Tritiya 2023 25% 0 25% 50% 100%

Membership Renewal: To apply for IIJS Shows, the members need to have renewed their membership of the Council compulsorily for the financial year 2022-2023. In case of non-renewal of membership, applications for stall space will not be accepted online.

Members are requested to carefully read and study the rules & regulations mentioned in the online space application form including important guidelines and allotment preferences, enclosed.

The members/ applicants may note that IIJS Premiere 2022, IIJS Signature 2023 & IIJS Tritiya 2023 is being organised based on the approval received from the Govt. under currently prevailing statutes/regulations/conditions. Any change of statutes/regulations/conditions by Govt. in future may have an impact on the holding of IIJS Premiere 2022, IIJS Signature 2023 & IIJS Tritiya 2023 including postponement/cancellation of the show. Council will not be responsible for such force majeure conditions and by applying members agree to indemnify the Council for the same.

Cancellation Charges for IIJS Premiere 2022:

Sr. No. Dates Cancellation Charges
1 17th May 2022 to a day prior of the first day of booth allotment 50%
2 From the day of booth allotment to the beginning of the show 100%

Points to Note:

  • In case any member who has applied for all the 3 shows & cancels any of the shows after IIJS Premiere 2022, then the advance amount of 25% paid will be forfeited.
  • In case any member who has applied for all the 3 shows & cancels any or all 3 shows, then the 50% cancellation on IIJS Premiere 2022 will be applicable. The advance amount for IIJS Signature 2023 & IIJS Tritiya 2023 will be refunded, without any interest thereof.

Please be informed that if we DO NOT receive your online space application form and payment on or before 16th May 2022, then you will automatically lose your preference if any, for allotment of space at IIJS PREMIERE 2022 (& other 2 shows), even though you may have filled the space application form for IIJS Premiere 2022 (& other 2 shows). Kindly take note that in case of non-submission or incomplete submission, your application will be automatically rejected without any notice and such members will not be eligible for further consideration in our scheme of preferential allotment of space for participation at IIJS.

You are requested to call on 1800-103-4353 for any further details pertaining to IIJS Premiere 2022. You may alternatively raise your queries on No direct communication with council staff will be entertained.

We look forward to your wholehearted participation at IIJS and hope to continue to receive the same from you as an esteemed member of the Council in the future too.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Sabyasachi Ray
Executive Director

Disclaimer: This circular and the information contained in this circular are provided for the purpose of making application for the participation and visiting IIJS Premiere 2022 (the show). Please note that the Council reserves all the rights to postpone or cancel the show completely or partially without any prior intimation, subject to the changes in the Govt. rules and regulations and any such changes thereof for organising the show. In case of any delay or failure to organise the show, which is caused by matters beyond reasonable control of the Council including, but not limited to the force majeure events, the Council shall not accept any responsibility or indemnity, whatsoever, and under no circumstance shall the Council have any liability to participants and visitors for any loss or damage of any kind incurred due to the postponement or cancellation of the show


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