12th October 2022

Sub: Circular for Booth Allotment for IIJS Signature 2023, 5th - 9th January 2023, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

Dear Applicants,

Greetings from GJEPC!!!

We are glad to inform you that we have received an overwhelming response for participation at IIJS Signature 2023 scheduled from 5th - 9th January 2023 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai wherein we have received applications for more than 2400+ booths from 1100+ applicants from gems and jewellery industry. We would like to thank you for continuing your support in the brand "IIJS".

Based on such applications received and the keeping identical floor plan as that of IIJS Premiere 2022,we are now ready for allotment of stalls to the applicant members. We are happy to inform you that with the support extended by members, IIJS Signature 2023 is NOW BIGGER and will be of same size as that of Premiere 2022.

Procedure for booth allotment:

Following the same allotment procedures as that of IIJS Premiere 2022, we have planned to complete the entire allotment of 2400+ booths in single day only. We request all the members to be present in Mumbai for ease of allotment as per the details mentioned in allotment schedule. We sincerely request our members for their wholehearted support and cooperation to make it successful. "The centralised lottery for booth allotment for all applicants (pan India) will be held on "17th Oct 2022", at Jio World Convention Centre (JWCC),BKC- Mumbai. However, for any personal reason, if any member will be unable to be present in Mumbai for stall allotment, then member/s can contact the respective Regional Office of the Council. Please refer the stall allotment schedule for your exact room number at the allotment venue at Mumbai.

We would also like to inform you that the entire floorplan for IIJS Signature 2023 will remain identical as that of IIJS Premiere 2022. Minor changes have been made to accommodate all the applicants as per availability. We have also added a section for Lab Grown Diamonds adjacent to the loose stones section.

All the members can see the live stall allotment on https://gjepc.org/iijs-signature/

It may be noted that applicants having any past payment outstanding / dues with GJEPC on the date of allotment will automatically be disqualified from the allotment process without any further notice.

The allotment of the applicants will be based on their GJEPC Membership status as on 15th September 2022 and as per valid online application with subsequent advance payments submitted to the Council.

Allotment of Preference to Applicants in each category will be as per below:


  1. Ordinary Members will have 1st preference in the allotment of booths.
  2. Members having manufacturing units registered under Udyog Aadhar Number (UAN) / SSI with the Council will get 2nd preference in booth allotment.
  3. Associate Member will get the 3rd preference in each respective category of allotment/s.

The chronological order for allotment will be as follows:

  1. Dislocated
  2. Same Area different location as of IIJS Signature 2022
  3. More Area as of IIJS Signature 2022
  4. Less Area as of IIJS Signature 2022
  5. New applicants

The preference order for allotment for Jewellery, Loose Stones, Labs. & Education will be as follows:

A. First Preference :Companies who have applied and have retained their booth as of IIJS Premiere 2022, and applied for all three shows will be Auto Allotted booth for IIJS Signature 2023 as per IIJS Premiere 2022 floorplan.

B. Second Preference : Companies who have applied and have retained their booth as of IIJS Premiere 2022, but due to minor changes in floorplan the location have been dislocated.

B. Third Preference : Companies who have applied for Same Area different location as of IIJS Signature 2022 will have to undergo lottery system and will be allotted stall as per application received.

C. Fourth Preference : Companies who have applied for More Area as of IIJS Signature 2022 will have to undergo lottery system and will be allotted stall as per application received.

D. Fifth Preference : Companies who have applied for Less Area as of IIJS Signature 2022 will have to undergo lottery system and will be allotted stall as per application received.

E. Sixth Preference : All new applicants of IIJS Signature 2023 will be allotted stalls as per below table

IIJS Signature 2023 area applied-New Applicants IIJS Signature 2023 allotment Consideration-New Applicants
9 Sqmtr 9 Sqmtr
12 Sqmtr 12 Sqmtr
18 Sqmtr 16 Sqmtr
27 Sqmtr 27 Sqmtr
36 Sqmtr & Above 27 Sqmtr only

Members are informed that application for more area does not guarantee confirmed allotment. The no of booths that will be allotted to applicants will be based as per application submitted & as per the availability.

Exhibitors are requested to note the below:

To avoid delay in the allotment of booths, Council requests you to follow the set timelines to help us complete the allotment. We look forward for your kind support and cooperation in our new endeavour of allotment procedure.

  1. Only the decision maker, who can select the booth will be permitted for allotment.
  2. Internal discussions and Calls during selection of booth should be restricted.
  3. We will provide only 2 mins for booth selection. In case, the booth is not selected within the stipulated time, the booth will be auto allotted by the GJEPC secretariat
  4. All exhibitors are requested to follow the mentioned timeline.

Please note that in case applicant's company name is not mentioned in allotment schedule even after submission of Online Space application form, then they are requested to contact the GJEPC Office immediately as per details below before the allotment. In case the applicants fail to bring to the notice of the Council, no further requests/queries will be entertained in this regard.

P.N: In case of absenteeism or the participant arrives late at the time of his allotment time and in case his company name is drawn during the lottery then the participant's booth will be randomly allotted directly by GJEPC without any preference. No change or further request in this regard will be entertained.

You are requested to call on 1800-103-4353 for any further details pertaining to IIJS Signature 2023. You may alternatively raise your queries on www.gjepc.org/helpdesk No direct communication with council staff will be entertained.

We look forward to your kind co-operation in making IIJS Signature 2023, a grand success.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Sabyasachi Ray
Executive Director

* Floorplan IIJS Signature 2023

* Stall Allotment schedule with company name and room number

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