Advisory for TO and FRO Movement of Valuables during Election Period-2024, for IIJS Tritiya 2024-Bengaluru
Dear Exhibitor,
We hope your preparations for the 2nd Edition of Tritiya Show 2024 are in full swing and we thoroughly value your participation. We have met various officers concerned nationally for the upcoming elections to brief them about IIJS Tritiya Bengaluru 2024 and requested for their support and co-operation for the smooth movement of goods of participants, especially through our official freight forwarders – BVC and Sequel. We are taking all necessary measures for our valued exhibitors, to ensure that all arrangements are well taken care from our end for smooth movement of the goods.
During Achar Sanhita period of election , it is imperative to adhere to certain guidelines and precautions when preparing shipping documents or invoices for the transportation of Gems and Jewellery. Our officially appointed Logistic Companies are also briefed by us to guide you to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and take adequate safeguards. To facilitate the smooth transportation please find the do’s and don’t’s as follows:
  • GJEPC invitation cum stall allotment Letter: Carry the GJEPC invitation cum stall allotment letter along-with goods destined to Bengaluru as well as during its onward return.
  • Permission letter: Please carry the permission letter issued by MOC&I and the Karnataka GST authorities, to conduct IIJS Tritiya 2024 (enclosed), in course of transportation of goods (both ways).
  •  GST Delivery Challan: Ensure the availability of the mandatory GST delivery challan, including all relevant disclosures therein, in course of movement of goods. Delivery challan would also have to be accordingly issued/ generated for return movement of goods. It is advisable that, in the delivery challan as well, the purpose of goods movement is mentioned as “for exhibition purposes and not for supply”.
  • Declaration Letter: Provide a declaration letter on company letterhead and duly signed and stamped, authorizing official freight forwarders to transport precious metals, precious stones, and jewellery [as the case may be] “for exhibition purpose only”. This is also to be carried in course of transportation of goods (both ways). 
  • No Sale Declaration: As regards the exhibition goods, provide a declaration letter on company letterhead and duly signed and stamped confirming that no sale transactions would be undertaken between the company and others in course of the exhibition, for the specified period, as it is a B2B exhibition with a clause no sale will happen. This is also to be carried in course of transportation of goods (both ways).
  • Official Freight Forwarders: Goods movement must occur exclusively through official freight forwarders, Sequel Logistics and BVC Logistics. Engaging unofficial transport services will render exhibitors solely responsible for the safety and timely delivery of their goods.
  • Packing List: Have a detailed packing list ready with item descriptions, quantities, and packaging details.
  • Authorization for Receipt of Goods: Issue an authority letter on company letterhead authorizing company personnel to accept goods deliveries (to and fro person name, city).
  • Please also carry your GJEPC Membership Certificate
  • Other documentation: Please ensure that all other applicable transportation documents, including invoices, permits, customs documents (if applicable), and any other relevant paperwork, otherwise deemed necessary, for the goods movement, including interstate or international transportation, is carried and maintained.
  • Insurance: Consider obtaining insurance coverage for your goods during transit to safeguard against unforeseen events such as theft, damage, or loss.
  • Packaging: Properly package all goods to prevent damage during transit. Use suitable materials and secure fragile items with padding or cushioning.
  • Labeling: Clearly label all packages with contents, destination city, and handling instructions for efficient sorting and handling during transportation.
  • Download cVIGIL APP: Exhibitor to download cVIGIL App, created by the Election Commission, for registering complaints within 24 hours of good interception/seizure/any other problem, if any, during the Achar Sanhita Period.
Please ensure that the particulars/ details provided/disclosed in various documents provided to the freight forwarders are correct and accurate and do not vary in any manner with the physical consignment of goods.
Further, please note that, the model code of conduct has been already announced in relation to the ensuing general elections. We will keep you posted on any other requirement if the same may arise pursuant to this advisory.
You may know that GJEPC has created a Task Force Team from the secretariate of the Council when you can contact in case of any contingencies for the same details of the taskforce area as per following
Region & States Person Contact Details
Overall, In charge Mr. K K Duggal (Director Trade Policy & Projects)
Mrs. Suruchi Khindria (Asst. Director Trade Policy)
+91 98732 45939
+91 86575 98227
R O Delhi Mr. Sanjeev Bhatia (Asst. Director – R.O Delhi) +91 98726 10300
R O Jaipur Mr. Nitin Khandelwal (Dy. Director – R.O. Jaipur) +91 98878 36641
R O Kolkata Mr. Kaushik Ghosh (Asst. Director – R.O. Kolkata) +91 98364 85163
R O Surat Mr. Rajat Wani (Asst. Director – R.O. Surat) +91 90990 86384
R O Chennai Mr. Surya Narayanan (Dy. Director – R.O. Chennai) +91 98844 26661
H O Mumbai Mr. Mithilesh Pandey (Director – Membership) +91 77388 92295
Government of Karnataka Endorsement- IIJS Tritiya 2024
Ministry of Commerce & Industry Permission – IIJS Tritiya 2024

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