Why Dubai

As a global trade hub, Dubai acts as a distribution centre for jewellery across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), North Africa and West Asia. Retailers from these countries and regions regularly visit Dubai for their B2B sourcing requirements. UAE is India’s second-largest export destination for gems and jewellery. The recently signed Indo-UAE trade agreement (CEPA) gives Indian exporters preferential access to the market, thus brightening prospects for rapid growth in bilateral gem and jewellery trade.

Dubai is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world and gives travellers exclusive access to an impressive roster of top brands. Therein lies the opportunity for Indian jewellers, who have tremendous potential to brand themselves through Dubai, which is a world-class destination for jewellery.

GJEPC is planning to create the Brand India Jewellery Centre to showcase the country’s jewellery expertise in Dubai, where buyers from Middle East market, North Africa, CIS countries and the rest of the world can visit and witness this mastery first-hand, and thus generate transactable business to increase exports.