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                                                                                                                                  India Gem & Jewellery Machinery Expo
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                            G. JAYA ACHARYA                                                             PRADEEP AGARWAL
                            President                                                                   President
                            The Karnataka State Jewellers Federation                                    Meerut Bullion Traders Association

           We  have  about  300  individual  members  and  four  top  corporate  jewellery   Meerut Bullion Traders Association was founded in 1939. At present, we have
                                                                                       approximately 400 members in our association. Our association's motive is to
           members in the Federation from 30 districts and 176 talukas in Karnataka. I
                                                                                       provide an organised platform to our artisans, so that they can do their work in a
           consider the show to be a class apart. It is the platform where one gets to see
                                                                                       better environment. For this purpose, we have recently signed an MoU with the
           elite manufacturers showcasing designer inventory. Except for the corporate   GJEPC to make identity cards for the artisans and provide them a subsidised
                                                                                       health insurance plan for their families.
           jewellers, who will source diamond jewellery, the rest will generally source plain
           gold and studded jewellery. In consonance with market conditions, we will opt
                                                                                       IIJS Signature is a very important show and provides a serious platform to cater
           for lightweight, designer jewellery from IIJS SIGNATURE 2020.               to the needs of buyers in the jewellery sector. I think most of our members will visit
                                                                                       IIJS Signature 2020 and I will definitely encourage them to do so. In addition to
                                                                                       IIJS Signature, our members also visit the IGJME show because of the latest
                                                                                       technological developments in manufacturing sector in our trade.

                             VIJAYKUMAR LASHKARE
                             Wai Sarafa Association, Wai
                                                                                                         ASHOK BENGANI
             Wai Sarafa Suvatnakar Association is a registered association, situated near
             Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar in Wai taluka.                                                  Calcutta Gem and Jewellers Welfare Association

             I expect around 15 members to visit IIJS Signature 2020 as it is perfectly timed   We have 212 members in our association and allied jewellery suppliers are also
                                                                                         part of our association. We will be coming over to IIJS Signature 2020 as it is the
             ahead of the next phase of jewellery buying. They intend to source plain gold
                                                                                         one show that fulfills every buying need of a visitor. However, we will definitely
             jewellery, new designer concept jewellery, pearl jewellery and silver jewellery.   look  for  lightweight  jewellery  that  has  high  design  quotient.  This  is  what  a
             Our members are also keen to visit IGJME 2020 to find out about the latest   consumer of today wants, and it is imperative to keep a watch on market
                                                                                         trends. The organisers of the show have been doing an exceptional job year
             international  micro-work  machinery,  especially  for  gold  and  diamond
                                                                                         after year.

                     GJEPC Representative Meeting Association Members for Promotion of IIJS SIGNATURE 2020


                          Shri. Sanjay Soni, President            Shri. Kuldeep Gaikwad President               President of Sadar Association,
                                 Surendranagar                     of Kolhapur Sarafa Association,                Jabalpur, Mr. Arun Agarwal
                             Jewellers Association                    Coimbatore  Maharashtra                      Chandigarh


                   Mr. N. Chandrasekharan, President,  Mr. Sabari From Sri Sabari Jewellers &                       Mr. Suraj Chauhan,President of
                        Trichy Jewellery Association                    President Of Coimbatore                     Chandigarh Sarafa Associatio
                                                                           Jewellery Association

                                                                   For live updates, follow us on
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