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            Swasthya Kosh

            GJEPC offers a specially designed and highly subsidised health insurance policy to all
            Parichay Card holders. The card holders need to pay only 25% of the premium and for
            the remaining 75% premium will paid from a fund created by GJEPC which has been
            named as 'Swasthya Kosh'.

            Swasthya means health and Kosh means fund. The fund has been established to seek
            monetary contributions from anyone in India or abroad who wishes to make a significant
            impact and touch the lives of the skilled artisans of the Gem & Jewellery industry in India.
            GJEPC has contributed Rs. 3 crores to launch the fund. GJEPC will be approaching the
            industry and the government to contribute to the fund as we estimate that atleast Rs. 500
            crores are required to cover the entire workforce of the industry. The scheme will also
            offer an 80G tax benefit to the any institution or individual who donates for this cause.

            The money collected from the fund will be utilised towards paying health insurance
            premiums of the Parichay Card holders who are primarily contracted workforce of the
            gem and jewellery industry. There is s till a significant section of unattached workers who
            are not represented by any organisation. Through Swasthya Kosh, GJEPC we will be able
            connect with those lives, which till date no industry has covered.

            If  you  wish  to  make  a  significant  contribution  to  enhance  the  lives  of  the  workers
            employed  in  the  gem  and  jewellery  Industry  kindly  drop  and  email  at:
   or call at 26544629
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