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                                                                                                                                  India Gem & Jewellery Machinery Expo


                                     Pramod Kumar Agrawal                                                             Mansukh Kothari

                                     Chairman                                                                         Convener - National Exhibitions
                                     GJEPC                                                                            GJEPC

           What GJEPC as the apex body of the Indian gem and jewellery industry has       IIJS Signature stands tall for its eclectic mix of high-design jewellery to cater to
           achieved over the years is phenomenal. The raw materials required for the      a diaspora of individual requirements. The first show of the Indian calendar
           industry, whether it’s diamond, gold or silver are not mined in India, still India is
                                                                                          year is perfectly timed to replenish inventory for the upcoming jewellery-
           among the top 5 gem and jewellery exporters in the world. The Council’s        driving festivals and the summer wedding season.
           promotional activities have boosted G&J exports substantially to different
           parts of the world, especially USA, Middle East, Europe, Hong Kong, etc. The
           skill and capabilities in manufacturing world - class jewellery combined with   The show has already attracted 8,000-plus pre-registrations and we expect
           ethical and best business practices has made India the preferred destination   to  raise  the  numbers  in  the  coming  days  by  holding  domestic  and
           for sourcing quality gem and Jewellery for the world.                          international road shows in the run-up to IIJS Signature.

           Apart from organizing international shows like IIJS Premiere, IIJS Signature,
                                                                                          This year, we also plan to offer value-added services to our esteemed visitors
           India Gem & Jewellery Machinery Expo (IGJME), GJEPC also organizes India
           Pavilions – participation of a number of companies under the GJEPC banner -    by  tying  up  with  our  allied  partners.  Watch  this  space  for  further
           at various leading international shows like JCK Las Vegas, Basel, Hong Kong    announcements!
           and several others worldwide. Various product-specific Buyer-Seller Meets,
           sending  and  hosting  trade  delegations  and  sustained  image-building      To enhance the aesthetic look of the show, we have customised all booths to
           exercises through advertisements abroad, publications and audio-visuals,
                                                                                          give them a uniform façade. The show will have a dedicated space for the
           are some of the other trade promotional activities undertaken by the Council.
                                                                                          IGJME show in Hall 7 for those interested in checking the latest advancements
           Today,  India’s  G&J  exports  accounts  for  $40  billion,  contributing  12%   in technology.
           merchandise exports and employing 5 million people.
                                                                                          A special Design Gallery is being introduced for women jewellery designers
           The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) is a unifying force       and entrepreneurs under the aegis of Women’s Jewellery Association.
           and a catalyst in facilitating industry-friendly policies for the industry, making
           it  competitive  in  the  world  market.  The  Council  plays  a  major  role  in
           representing the industry as one voice.                                        The all-comprehensive show is an excellent platform that helps you discover
                                                                                          new vendors, expand your network, and find out more about emerging,
           GJEPC has been putting all its efforts to propagate amongst trade the 17       cutting-edge machines and techniques to power your future business.
           sustainable development goals of United Nations and has been working
           towards achieving the same.
                                                                                          I wish all participants and attendees good luck for the show.
           Setting up more Common Facility Centres, Jewellery Park in Mumbai, Gem
           Bourse in Jaipur are some of the initiatives planned for the transformation of
           the sector. At the same time for the welfare of the workers in the industry,
           Council has come up with Swasthya Ratna, health insurance scheme, and
           has launched Parichay Card (identity card) with an objective to create a
           verified and well-crafted database of Gem & Jewellery workers. This will help
           us provide them better job opportunities, help to find financial support from
           banks & financial institutions and provide better healthcare services.
           IIJS Signature has defined itself as an important barometer of success for the                                                    APP
           Indian industry showcasing the best of jewellery in terms of design, quality
           and finish, as well as high technology solutions – all under one roof. Trade
           shows of this stature will undoubtedly help us boost India’s jewellery exports                                  GJEPC APP
           alone from the current $12 billion at present to $18 billion by 2025.
                                                                                                                           ONE APP FOR ALL SHOWS
           IIJS Signature’s growth has been exceptional and exponential. What started
           off as a boutique show, began to grow within a few years of its inception. As                                   Stay updated about GJEPC's
           demand from the industry to participate in the show rose, the Council was                                       ongoing trade shows, be it
           encouraged to make the show more inclusive by adding on more exhibitors.                                        IIJS Premiere, IIJS Signature
           This premium show today underscores the design strength of Indian jewellery.     IIJS SIGNATURE
                                                                                               VISITOR                     or IGJME.
           I wish all the exhibitors and buyers a very successful IIJS Signature 2020.
                                                                                                                           Access the exhibitor directory,
                                                                                                                           floor plan and visitor guide at
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                                                                                                                           on the GJEPC app.

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