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             Visitor Registration
                                                                                                                                  India Gem & Jewellery Machinery Expo
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               Incredible Response For IIJS SIGNATURE & IIJS PREMIERE 2020 Stall Applications

                                                                                       2020  were  announced  by  Mansukh  Kothari,  Convener  of  the  Exhibitions
                                                                                       (National) Sub-Committee, at a press conference in Mumbai. Kothari explained
                                                                                       that  the  special  rate  benefit  was  being  offered  to  members  in  view  of  the
                                                                                       challenging situation confronting the gems and jewellery industry.

                                                                                       Pramod Kumar Agrawal, Chairman, GJEPC, commented: “Our move to give rate
                                                                                       benefits to exhibitors of IIJS Signature and IIJS Premiere is with the aim to give relief
                                                                                       to our member exporters as this industry has been resilient to such situations in the

                                                                                       Kothari said, “Our aim is to make IIJS amongst the top gem and jewellery shows in
                                                                                       the world. Every year, based on the feedback from the buyers and exhibitors, we
               GJEPC COMMITTEE ADDRESSING THE MEDIA - Pramod Agrawal, Chairman         have been making the show better by adding new features and facilities. I hope
               GJEPC,  Colin  Shah    Vice-Chairman  GJEPC,  Convener  (National       the rate benefits would be a relief to our members in this tough time.”
               Exhibitions), Mansukh Kothari, Shailesh Sangani, Member and Executive
               Director Sabyasachi Ray.                                                He added: “For the benefit and ease of retailers, online visitor registration is open
                                                                                       with special rate benefits in early registrations + multi-show registration facilities
                                                                                       (one show, 2 and 5 shows).”
              IIJS Signature 2020 and IIJS Premiere 2020, the two most important gem
             and jewellery trade shows in India, have seen a tremendous rise in the
             number of companies intending to participate in them, which is an         The rate benefits being offered are as follows: Ordinary & Ordinary + MSME
             encouraging sign of better times ahead!                                   Members  –  15%;  MSME  Members  –  10%;  Associate  Members  –  5%,  Were
                                                                                       applicable till 20th November 2019
             An astounding 3,500 stalls were booked in just 20 days flat for the two IIJS
             shows! IIJS Signature 2020 has witnessed a 123% increase in applications   Exhibitor’s Views
             over 2019. Of these, 225 applications are from new companies, with
             demand generated for 200-plus stalls.
                                                                                       Pranav Zaveri
             So far, IIJS Premiere 2020 has received over 1,100 applications, which
             amounts to 90% of the total number of exhibitors and 100% of the stalls   Proprietor, Abhay Navinchandra
             compared with last year. Of the total number of applications received so
             far under the discount offer, more than 150 companies are new             We really appreciate the Council’s move to offer some assistance in reducing
                                                                                       our marketing cost. The timing could not be better.
             The details of the special rate benefit for IIJS Premiere 2020 and IIJS Signature


                              3500                    STALLS BOOKED IN FLAT                                  20 DAYS

                                                    HIGHLIGHTS OF STALL BOOKING

                                        S I G N A T U R E    S H O W                             P R E M I E R E    S H O W
                                                                                                   t h
                                                                                                         t h
                                                                                                  6 -10  August 2020
                                                   MUMBAI                                                  MUMBAI

                         123% applications over last year                                        1100+ applications received

                                  225 applications from New                                      90%    companies & 100%             stall over

                                                       Companies                                 last year, under discount offer

                       200 plus stalls demand generated                                          150+     New Companies successfully


                       We Thank All Our Members For Their Splendid Support And Encouragement

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