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Concurrent Show
        1st Phase of Visitor  Registration ends on                                                                                                    2020

                                          14                                                                                      India Gem & Jewellery Machinery Expo
                     December                                 2019

                        Have You Registered ?                                                                               MUMBAI

                                                                                          Screenshot of actual website for your reference

                              ONLINE VISITOR

                     REGISTRATION PROCESS

                     Step by step registration process defined
                                below for your guidance

                                                                                                                                    For Visitor Registration (Click Here)
                           Visit &
                            Click on Visitor Registration

                        Click on New Registration & Fill the
                   Required Details & Attach the Documents


                                                                                                                               New Registration

                                                                                                                                   For Visitor Registration (Click Here)
                       User ID & Password will be sent to the
                               registered email address

                 STEP 1

                        Login & Go to Manage Directory.

                        Fill in the required details & Submit
                                                                                                 Manage Directory   Registration Application  Manage Address  Orders

                   Once Application is approved, an Email /
                            SMS confirmation will be sent

                 STEP 2                                                                            SELECT VISITOR   REGISTRATION FOR

                    After approval, Login again & select the                         for
                       shows (1/2/5) you would like to apply                      Existing

                 STEP 3

                               Select or Add address &
                               then make the payment

                                                                                                   Pay using
                 STEP 4

                          Registration Process Completed,
                           Confirmation SMS / EMAIL sent

                   Please Note: You will be issued a new badge
                        as per your selection of 1/2/5 shows.

                                                                   For live updates, follow us on
                                     GJEPCIndia          gjepcindia        GJEPC
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