Feb 16, 2021

Fancy Colour Diamond Prices Stay Resilient Through 2020

The New York-based Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) said fancy colour diamond prices proved to be resilient, with minor price decreases across the board in 2020, a year that was challenging in terms of logistics and travel.

Through 2020, fancy colour diamonds decreased by less than one percent. The Yellow category decreased by 0.3%, Pinks by 0.9% and Blues by 1.3%. The Vivid category in all colors and sizes showed better stability, decreasing only by 0.4%. The Intense category decreased by 0.9%, and the Fancy category by 1%.

FCRF Advisory Board member Eden Rachminov said: "2020 was a fascinating year; wholesalers and retailers alike had to overcome many logistical hurdles in order to finalise simple transactions, while demand for fancy colour diamonds was solid. I expect 2021 to be a bullish year for Yellows, their current price is relatively low and I think that a price increase is inevitable."

In the fourth quarter, the prices of all Pink diamonds saw little change, with the Fancy and Fancy Intense categories presenting a slight increase. However, Blue diamond prices overall presented a 0.5% decrease in Q4, led by the Vivid category that decreased by 0.6%. The prices of Yellow diamonds in Q4 presented stability in all saturations, with the 3 carats segment increasing by 0.4%. 

Photo courtesy: FCRF