Design Workshop

Design Workshop

Stories and Storytelling: Creating & Merchandising in the Digital Era

Leading international jewellery trend forecaster Paola De Luca of The Futurist Ltd. and other experts conducted a Design Workshop, hosted by GJEPC at the BDB premises on the 10th and 11th October, 2019, as part of her ongoing work with Indian jewellery designers. The workshop entitled 'Stories and Storytelling: Creating & Merchandising in the Digital Era', was a continuation of a series of design-focused initiatives, including Design Inspirations, the trend book Aatman Inspirations 2020 and other similar workshops held earlier.

While Paola was the lead trainer, two other sessions were conducted by expert speakers Kaabia Grewal, co-founder, Outhouse Jewellery discussed "Brand Journey and Merchandising" with the participants; and Krsnaa Mehta, co-founder, India Circus (Godrej Group), made a presentation on "Visual Identity". The workshop was open for industry members as well as students.

In the same year on the 2nd and 3rd May, Paola De Luca conducted a seminar on various topics such as ‘The Markets, The Consumers, Market Trends’ and ‘Decoding Aatman Inspirations’, ‘Merchandising, Iconic Design Elements, Design Strategy’ and more.

Famed jewellery designer Neha Dani narrated her creative journey followed by an interactive session with the audience.

The Workshop