Parichay Card

Parichay Card

GJEPC has launched the Parichay Card initiative with a view to ensure proper authentication of gem and jewellery workers for social security purposes.

  • The objective is to create a comprehensive, verified database of gem and jewellery workers to provide them better job opportunities; to help them get financial support from banks and financial institutions, and provide better healthcare services through a customised health insurance plan.
  • The Parichay Card has a unique number for each worker, and will be a valid proof of employment and identity, and would also make them eligible for various initiatives.


  • Social Security, Employment Proof & Identity Card for the worker
  • Available across India
  • Job Opportunities*
  • Access to financial institutions*
  • Subsidized health Insurance of Rs. 1 lakh

* Indicates Future Benefits

Subsidised Health Insurance Policy For Self And Family

The GJEPC has come up with a cost-effective and customised health insurance plan known as Swasthya Kosh for artisans and their families (spouse and two children).

Under the policy, 75% of the insurance premium will be funded from a specially created fund called Swasthya Kosh, and the Parichay Card holders will have to pay only 25% of the premium.

Insurance Sum Insured Rs. 1,00,000
Details Self Family
Premium including GST Rs. 1,401 Rs. 2,200
GJEPC Contributes 75% Rs. 1,050 Rs. 1,650
Parichay Card Holder Contributes 25% Rs. 350 Rs. 550

Note: GJEPC contribution to the premium is subject to availability of funds in the Swasthya Kosh

Employment Opportunities Through Skill Mapping

Through the Parichay Card, GJEPC will map and create a skill database (e.g. cutting, polishing, faceting, designing, etc) of these artisans. The database will be utilised to provide employment opportunities to artisans all over India in the future.

Access to Banks and other Financial Services

A Parichay Card will enable artisans to approach banks for financial support as it authenticates their status as artisans in the gem and jewellery industry.

State and Central Government Benefits

Once a large enough database is created, GJEPC will approach the State and Central Governments to link their benefits and schemes like housing schemes, etc. to the Parichay Card.

Two-Way SMS Verification

A key built-in feature of the Parichay Card is a two-way verification SMS service that can prove the worker's identity in case of an emergency (e.g. interrogation by police/customs/government officers while carrying gold, precious raw material or jewellery).

*Future linked benefits