Jan 18, 2023

International Antique Jewelers Association Offers Expert Vintage Jewellery Assessment Service

The International Antique Jewelers Association (IAJA), a consortium of global antique and period jewellers committed to elevating the understanding and appreciation of irreplaceable collected treasures, launched their new IAJA Expertise service.

The bespoke, first-of-its-kind service provides a personal assessment of a heritage item of jewellery by the world’s leading experts, culminating in a signed “Letter of Expertise” which details the characteristics of the item in the trusted expert’s professional opinion.

Olivier Bachet, Director of IAJA Expertise and a Member of France’s Compagnie Nationale des Experts, stated, “There is a high demand and great need for swift, independent, and unbiased assessment of heritage, antique, and collectible fine jewellery. This bespoke and personalized new service by IAJA helps consumers, collectors, dealers, even curators to be certain that the item they are acquiring is genuine with regard to signature and period. A signed Letter of Expertise may also increase the value of an item. I have seen a jewel multiply in value by as much as ten times following my expert opinion.”


The IAJA has recruited a distinguished international team of trusted experts specialising in jewellery, precious objects and collectibles. The team consists of former curators, archivists and directors from the world’s inimitable jewellery brands, including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston.

This new service includes reliable consultation and an expert assessment based on careful examination and scrupulous research of an item. Upon successful completion of the process, a signed Letter of Expertise will be offered declaring the item an original in the expert’s opinion.

Photo: Olivier Bachet, Director, IAJA Expertise