Sep 28, 2015

Rare Type IIA D Colour 90 Ct Diamond Among Specials Recovered by Lucapa at Lulo Project

Lucapa Diamond Co has announced discovery of additional special stones at its Lulo Diamond Project in Angola including a rare Type IIA D Colour 90.32 carat rough diamond. In a statement released today, the Company said it had recovered eight other large stones of 11ct and above including one that was 56.52 cts.

The 90.32 ct stone is the largest rough diamond recovered by Lucapa and its partners since commencement of alluvial mining at the site in January 2015. Prior to that a 1331.40 ct D colour Type IIA gem had been recovered during bulk sampling, it said.

The other large diamonds are 36.61 cts, 29.94 cts, 21.16 cts, 18.71 cts, 17.06 cts and two 11 ct diamonds. This takes the total of exceptional large diamonds to 31 during the alluvial mining phase and two during bulk sampling.

The Company said it is conducting systematic pitting programmes which aim to expand Mining Block 8 alluvial diamond field from where most of the recoveries have occurred. It was also undertaking pitting to test the E259 kimberlite target which is the closest one to the mining block where these large stones have been recovered.