Jun 30, 2017

Sarine Files Lawsuits Against Alleged Patent & Copyright Infringers in India

Sarine Technologies Ltd announced yesterday that it has filed lawsuits in India seeking “injunctive reliefs and damages for patent and software copyright infringement”.

The Group elaborated saying: “Sarine and Galatea, its wholly owned subsidiary which developed the ground-breaking, patented GalaxyTM inclusion mapping technology, are renowned in the diamond industry for their innovations, which have revolutionised the manufacturing of polished diamonds. A broad portfolio of international patents and copyrights, including in India, protect the Group’s proprietary technology and its substantial corresponding investment, which enables continued innovation that benefits the entire diamond industry.

“Recent challenges by some in India who brazenly misappropriate Sarine’s technology and violate its intellectual property rights have compelled Sarine to initiate lawsuits that take the battle against technology infringers to unprecedented levels.”

Sarine explained that the lawsuits were filed in India “where nearly 90% of the world’s polished diamonds are produced”; and that the legal actions are “directed against a group of unscrupulous businessmen who infringe on Sarine’s patented technologies for internal inclusion mapping, and its copyrighted AdvisorTM software for rough diamond planning, in order to illicitly provide equipment and services to diamond manufacturers”.

Sarine said that courts in Ahmedabad and Surat have issued ex parte orders against the parties against whom action was sought; and have authorised “immediate action by court-appointed commissioners to assertively investigate the matter”.

Following these orders, Sarine noted that concurrent raids were conducted by court commissioners on June 28, 2017 at four known locations, where those parties against whom proceedings were launched are known to be operating. “The High Court of Gujarat at Ahmedabad has also taken into consideration Sarine's request that, immediately upon submission of the reports by the court commissioners, the infringers be restrained,” Sarine added.

David Block, Chief Executive Officer of Sarine said, "For the past twenty-plus years, Sarine’s innovative and ground-breaking technologies have assisted the diamond industry in India to achieve ever increasing levels of manufacturing sophistication, higher yields and better quality, all at a reduced level of risk, thereby enhancing its profitability and enabling it to effectively dominate world diamond production. It is unfortunate that a limited number of unscrupulous parties are tainting the entire Indian diamond industry. We are encouraged by the courts’ swift action, their understanding of the gravity of the situation, and their implementation of immediate steps to protect Sarine’s legal rights. We trust that the measures necessary to completely halt these blatantly illicit activities will be implemented not only to protect Sarine, but also to safeguard the integrity of India’s diamond industry that relies so heavily on the public’s trust, and to encourage Sarine to continue introducing more advanced technologies for the Indian diamond market.”