Feb 27, 2015

North Arrow: Initial Diamond Recoveries from Qilalugaq Bulk Sample As Per Expectation

North Arrow Minerals of Canada has reported that the initial diamond recoveries from the first 609 tonnes of the Qilalugaq Bulk Sample (approximately 46% of the total sample) has yielded diamonds as per the company’s expectations and clearly shows clearly the presence of a yellow diamond population in the Q1-4 kimberlite.

The company is processing approximately 1,500 tonne sample (field weight) that was collected in July and August 2014 from the Q1-4 kimberlite located just nine kilometres from the Hamlet of Repulse Bay (Naujaat), Nunavut.

Initial diamond recovery data from approximately 46% of the sample shows 5,366 diamonds greater than +1 DTC (~1 mm) weighing 189.97 carats from 609.0 dry tonnes of kimberlite. The recovered diamonds include 17 diamonds larger than the 3 grainer (~0.6 carat) size and 8 diamonds larger than 1 carat. The largest three diamonds recovered to date are 4.42 carats (greenish yellow cubic aggregate), 4.16 carats (intense yellow cubic aggregate), and 3.53 carats (pale yellow cubic aggregate). Yellow diamonds, representing a range of hues and tones, comprise approximately 8.5% by stone count (21.4% by carat weight) of the +1 DTC diamonds recovered to date.

Ken Armstrong, President and CEO of North Arrow, commented, "These initial diamond results are important as they clearly show that yellow diamonds carry on into the grainer and carater diamond sizes. In fact, the proportion of yellow diamonds increases, both by stone count and carat weight, as the diamonds move into the larger size classifications. This was one of the main questions the bulk sample was intended to answer. We look forward to completing final processing of the sample in April and submitting the resultant diamond parcel for formal valuation."