Mar 24, 2020

Organisers Suspend Preparations for Hong Kong Jewellery Shows that Had Been Rescheduled to May

The organisers of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show 2020 and the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2020 have decided to suspend the preparation work for the twin fairs that had already been rescheduled from March to May.

The decision comes in the wake of steps announced by the Hong Kong SAR Government which will require that all travellers arriving from outside China be quarantined upon arrival in Hong Kong for 14 days.

The decision, taken as part of the Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation, issued to protect public health in the light of the rapid development of the global COVID-19 outbreak, came into force on March 19 and will be in effect for three months until June 18, 2020.

“The new regulation means that overseas exhibitors and buyers planning to attend will have great difficulty joining the fairs. In light of the changing situation, we have decided to suspend the preparation work for the twin fairs,” a statement issued by HKTDC said. 

Simultaneously, attempts are being made in consultation with the industry to “come up with other viable solutions”. 

Some 2,000 exhibitors had committed their participation in the shows with booths assigned before the processing of outstanding applications for the May shows was suspended. 

“We will make every effort to provide the industry with the same safe and effective jewellery trading platform and continue helping companies capture business opportunities through multiple channels,” the organisers said. “Details of any new arrangements will be announced in due course.”