Aatman Inspirations 2020

AATMAN is a guide and strategy for the jewellery industry and its economy; for bridging changes in consumer patterns and the trade; for connecting the old and new generations with the Millennial mind set.

It encompasses design directions as well as stimuli for new business perspectives, innovative vision, and bringing culture back in the jewellery world where it belonged for centuries.

In our first issue of the INSPIRATIONS BOOK we gathered a pool of enthusiastic high-profile professionals, designers and iconic talents from the international scenario including India.

AATMAN is for passionate entrepreneurs and creative minds who are fuelling and inspiring the market.

The Content of this publication includes relevant topics such as: Brand Identity, Storytelling, Curating and Merchandising, the power of Heritage, Technological Innovation and Craftsmanship. From Moghul to Art Deco; from Ancestors and Story-Telling myths; from Self-Expression to story making, this is the era of the Self and Story Making, and just taking a stand makes all the difference.

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