Oct 12, 2021

Strong Midstream Demand Lifts Alrosa’s September Diamond Sales

Alrosa’s sales of rough and polished diamonds in September totalled $298 million, including proceeds from rough diamond sales of $289 million, and polished diamond sales of $9 million.

During the January to September 2021 period, total rough and polished diamond sales accounted for $3.274 billion, including $3.133 billion of rough diamond sales and $140 million of polished.

Evgeny Agureev, Deputy CEO of Alrosa, said, “According to our preliminary estimates, end consumer demand for diamond jewellery is record high. The US and China demonstrate double-digit growth vs 2019. Jewellery sales in Europe, the world’s third largest market, have also been gaining momentum. As a result, we continue to see strong demand in the mid-stream.

“The rough diamond price index has returned to the 2018 levels, with polished diamond prices surpassing the 2018 average. Alrosa maintains its policy of satisfying only requests backed by the real demand to ensure sustainability of the whole diamond pipeline. Midstream inventories are kept at optimal volumes, reaching minimum low in some rough diamond categories. Our clients are mostly optimistic about the upcoming festive season, and we expect the positive trend to continue into 2022.”

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