Swasthya Kosh

GJEPC has created a healthcare fund named Swasthya Kosh – swasthaya in Hindi means ‘health’ and kosh means ‘fund’ – to provide all gem and jewellery workers with quality healthcare of choice.

  • The fund has been established to seek voluntary monetary contributions from anyone in India or abroad who wishes to make a significant impact and touch the lives of the skilled artisans of the Indian gem and jewellery industry.
  • The money collected in the Swasthya Kosh will be utilised toward paying the premiums for the FREE health insurance offered to the contracted and unorganised workforce of the industry via issuance of Parichay Cards.
  • The Council estimates the scheme will require at least Rs. 200 crores to cover 20 lakh workers.
  • GJEPC appeals to leading players from within and outside the gem and jewellery industry to contribute generously to the fund. By implementing this project, we will be able to touch those lives, which to date no industry has reached out to.
  • To run a project of this magnitude, GJEPC felt it is important to focus on tracking the workforce and creating a large enough fund to cover the premium costs. Thus, the Parichay Card initiative was launched.

Subsidised Health Insurance Details

The Parichay Card gives the workers a valid proof of their employment and identity and makes them eligible for FREE health insurance benefit of Rs. 25,000 and an optional health insurance policy of Rs. 100,000 that is highly subsidised rates.

The comprehensive free health insurance policy will cover a Parichay Card holder and an optional health insurance cover sum of Rs. 100,00 for self or up to three members of his/her family. The workers will get free health insurance by availing the Parichay card for additional Rs. 100,000 health insurance they have to pay highly subsidized premium.

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