GJEPC Initiatives

Swasthya Ratna:

The Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) has initiated a Group Mediclaim scheme to provide a Group Mediclaim benefit to the entire workforce of Gems and Jewellery Industry as well as their family members. This Scheme is named as Swasthya Ratna under which all GJEPC member companies can enrol employees and their families. The Primary objective of launching this scheme is to improve access of identified workers and their families to quality medical care for treatment of diseases involving hospitalization through an identified network of health care providers.

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Swasthya Kosh :

GJEPC has now created a healthcare fund named 'Swasthya Kosh'. The fund has been established to seek monetary contributions from anyone in India or abroad who wishes to make a significant impact and touch the lives of the skilled artisans of the Gem & Jewellery industry in India. The money collected from the fund will be utilised towards paying health insurance premiums of the un-attached or contracted workforce of the industry. There is still a significant section of unattached workers who are not represented by any organisation their numbers range from between 3 & 4 million. By implementing this project, we will be able connect with those lives, which till date no industry has covered .

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Parichay Card :

With a view to ensure proper authentication for social security purposes and for the benefit of the entire Gem & Jewellery industry, GJEPC has launched the Parichay Card initiative. The objective of this project is to create a verified and well-crafted database for Gem & Jewellery workers to provide them better job opportunities, help them to find financial support from banks & financial institutions and provide better healthcare services through customised health insurance plan. All these will be linked to a specially designed identity card with a unique number. This card not only give the workers a valid proof of their employment and identity but would also make them eligible for various initiatives. The initiative has been already been launched across India.

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Common Facility Centres (CFCs):

India is a leading player in the global gem and jewellery market. To sustain its leadership, GJEPC has been facilitating the industry especially the MSMEs who are the backbone of the industry, with modern machines and tools at affordable prices at Common Facility Centres. GJEPC has already set up 4 CFCs in Gujarat and we have in plans to be set up CFCs across all major gem and jewellery clusters in India.

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Jewellery Parks:

Jewellery Parks: GJEPC will set a Jewellery Park in Mumbai. Establishment of Jewellery Park will contribute to the economic development of both Maharashtra and India, by facilitating investment, manufacturing, employment of manpower, trade & exports. This dynamic venture will provide effective support to Jewellery manufacturers/traders who are interested to expand or invest in the state of Maharashtra and the region to initiate new business or strengthen their existing business, benchmarking with the Jewellery Park created in countries like China. Turkey, Italy, Thailand, etc. Moreover, Jewellery Parks would also attract new generation workers who are currently reluctant to join the industry because of its current working conditions. Jewellery park project is estimated to generate direct employment of around 1,00,000 workers for the State of Maharashtra.

Promotional Activities:

Various promotional activities undertaken by the GJEPC, over the years, have significantly and positively impacted the increase of exports of gems and jewellery from India. The GJEPC’s promotional activities include organising a number of important trade shows held in the country like the India International Jewellery Show (IIJS), Signature IIJS, India Gem & Jewellery Machinery Expo (IGJME). The IIJS is the largest gems & jewellery fair in the country and amongst the foremost internationally. It attracts visitors and buyers from all across the country and from several countries in the world. Signature IIJS, a smaller-scale version of the IIJS was set up as a boutique show and has gone on to develop its own niche. IGJME, a trade fair totally devoted to technology, enables companies of this large manufacturing centre to access the cutting edge developments in the field in a convenient manner. The GJEPC also organises India Pavilions – participation of a number of companies under the GJEPC banner - at various leading international shows like JCK Las Vegas, Basel, Vicenzaoro, the Hong Kong Show and several others worldwide. Various product-specific Buyer-Seller Meets, delegations to important gems and jewellery centres in other parts of the world, are some of the other trade promotion activities undertaken by the Council.

IIJS PremiereIIJS SignatureIndia Pavilion BSMs

Design Initiatives

Artisan Awards:

GJEPC organises premier jewellery design award show, ‘The Artisan Awards’. The Artisan Awards celebrate the highest levels of art, creativity & innovation by honouring the best talent in jewellery design and elevating designers to their rightful status of artistes.

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Design Inspirations

Design Inspirations is an initiative to educate jewellers, designers and students about the upcoming trends in the gems & jewellery sector in India, Europe and the US. It gives in-depth insights into consumer behaviour patterns, aspirations, desires, emotions, feelings; and how to translate them into thematic concepts and visual directions.

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Jewellery Trend Book- AATMAN 2020

AATMAN 2020 covers the prevailing and upcoming trends in Jewellery. The key objective is to equip our designers and manufacturers to stay in sync with the ever changing consumer requirements. Assist the jewellery designers and manufacturers to produce jewellery aligned to global requirements.

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Design Workshop

GJEPC also organises Design Workshop regularly, where experts from the industry are invited to share their experience

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