Hall No. : JWCC
Stall No. : JIO-K 19b
Contact Person : MR. ANKIT A. SHAH
Designation : DIRECTOR
Email :
Phone No : 022-43548800
Address : EE-6011,E-TOWER,G-BLOCK, MUMBAI 400051

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Loose Diamonds

Sub Product Category

Entrepreneurial business for more than two generations since 1983 Ankit Gems is growing with unabated enthusiasm This is a company that wants to stand out drive positive changes and explode the myths that surround the business but above all we are determined to forge most enduring relationship with our clients and partners relationship founded on mutual commitment and trust On time delivery impeccable quality standards innovative craftsmanship distinguishes Ankit Gems from the ordinary Our specialty is 50cents to 5cts GIA triple Excellent Round diamonds and fancy shapes like Princess Cushion Oval Heart Pear Aschers and Long Radiant The company has a unique grading system which comply to the international standards The company can provide international certification of grading on customer demand from reputed laboratories like GIA IGI HRD Ankit Gems also provide volume assortments and calibrated parcel selections as well as choice of exclusive diamonds in range from 20ptr