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Valery Demure and Javier Goggins have teamed up for a new initiative, Goldrush, to be held in Paris. Goldrush was founded to establish the definitive destination for retailers and press during Paris Fashion Week.

At the event that runs from 29th February to 5th March, 2024, the duo will present a selection of established brands as well as emerging ones, including Hotlips by Solange, Minas, State Property, Clara Chehab, Hum, Patrick Boghossian, Brooke Gregson, Tomasz Donocik, Kloto, Fiordy Studio, Tap by Todd Pownell, Sassi Fine Jewellery and Paradise Feathers.

The gold ring depicts the phases of the moon. By Tap By Todd Pownell

“Javier and I share the same vision — our passion for jewellery design and innovation, and we have worked together for over 10 years, so we decided to team up,” says Valery. The duo has worked together on a “multitude of jewellery projects — from consulting for clients and building brands, to organising pop-ups, events and showrooms.”

The Histiaia gold ear studs from the Tanit collection showcase ancient Greek coins from the city of Histiaia on the island of Euboia, minted in the third century BC. By Sassi Fine Jewellery

Valery, who began her journey as a jewellery buyer more than 20 years ago, launched her agency in 2005 to shape brands, build successful businesses and lead trends in jewellery and accessories. For almost two decades, Valery and her team have worked across the entire spectrum of PR and communications, sales, retail, and consultancy — projecting a 360-degree approach that has become key to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Javier Goggins is a seasoned entrepreneur and brand builder. He has created and scaled his own luxury fashion brand, whilst also advising others how to build their own over the past 15 years. Javier has worked in the jewellery industry for the past decade across distribution, events, digital, branding, and social.

Goldrush is the culmination of years of trust, shared values, and commitment to the industry, says Valery. “We are excited to build a highly curated jewellery show in Paris — the destination for retailers to shop new collections under one roof,” the duo explains. “I have been hosting showrooms in Paris for the past 20 years,” says Valery. After assessing the market, she realised that she wanted to do something different. Her vision for Goldrush meant having to “decline quite a few brands” that they were “unsure” about.

Antique-finish drop earrings fashioned with links and accented with diamonds. By Hum

“We want to propose support before, during and after the show. Not all brands are ready to take part, or some need more support. Our location is very central in Marais. I also didn’t want to be restricted to fine jewellery but showing more artisanal jewellery and elevated fashion jewellery,” points out Valery, whose goal is to establish a very curated destination for retailers seeking quality, innovation, and a point of view.

Brands that are vetted by the duo will be guided by Valery and Javier through their showing in Paris. “We will help them improve their marketing materials, polish their display, their personal presentation, show them how to engage with buyers and editors. We are consulting with quite a few of the brands to make sure they make the most of the show as I have for years witnessed waste of money, waste of effort, unrealistic expectations, inadequate follow up, wrong store targeting.”

Bombee gold ring set with aquamarine, sapphires and diamonds. By Clara Chehab

The market is oversaturated, and brands need support, observes Valery. “We are also creating a professional, non-pressured atmosphere so buyers don’t feel harassed, grabbed, and pressured. Too often buyers and editors complain of feeling pressured at shows. We will also be helping with follow up after the show, with advice, suggestions, contacts when appropriate,” she shares.

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