Improved Turnaround Times: GJEPC’s Commitment to Quick Resolutions of Member Queries

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GJEPC’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) department has excelled in handling and resolving member inquiries. Recent data from the department, headed by Vikrant Pradhan, Deputy Director, Events & CRM, offers valuable insights into GJEPC’s efficiency in addressing member issues across various segments. This article highlights key findings from the analysis of ticket trends, adherence to service level agreements (SLAs), and areas for improvement.

Monthly Ticket Trends

On average, GJEPC receives about 2,146 tickets per month, with significant contributions from the Membership and Domestic Exhibition departments:

Membership Department: Accounts for 44.57% of total tickets, with a peak in April and May due to membership renewals.

Domestic Exhibition: Comprises 42.12% of tickets, driven by exhibitor and visitor queries related to stall applications for IIJS Premiere.

SLA Compliance and Resolution Time

GJEPC tries to answer questions within a specific time frame (called the Service Level Agreement or SLA). The SLA delivery trends reflect a marked improvement in response times:

Reduction in TAT: The target turnaround time (TAT) was reduced from 7 days to 5 days in January and further to 3 days in March.

High Compliance Rate: In May, GJEPC achieved a 99.59% SLA compliance within 3 days, showcasing robust follow-up mechanisms to ensure timely case closure.

Departmental Performance Overview

The performance of different departments varied, with the majority meeting their SLAs consistently:

Top Performers: Accounts (Domestic Exhibition), International Exhibition, and Membership departments consistently achieved high SLA compliance, with most cases resolved within the stipulated time.

Areas for Improvement: The Admin team and Statistics and Trade Research team faced challenges, largely due to misassigned web queries and a single complex case respectively.

Analysis of SLA Cases

Although the overall SLA compliance is impressive, a small percentage of cases missed the SLA:

March 2024: The CRM department received 1,167 cases, of which it was able to resolve 1,145 (98.11%) cases within SLA and only 22 cases (1.89%) were missed.

April 2024: The department received 2,816 cases out of which it resolved 2,749 cases (97.62%), and missed only 67 cases (2.38%), primarily due to the influx from membership renewals.

May 2024: The CRM team received a total of 2,454 cases, of which it resolved an impressive 2,444 cases (99.59%), with only 10 cases (0.41%) missing the SLA, with no cases extending beyond 5 days.

Department-Wise SLA Percentages

The graph above illustrates the percentage of SLA missed by each department over three months. Key observations include:

Consistent Improvement: The percentage of missed SLAs decreased significantly from March to May across most departments.

Membership Department: Despite handling a large volume of cases, the department showed a marked reduction in SLA misses from 6% in April to 0.78% in May.

Domestic Exhibition: Maintained a low percentage of SLA misses, indicating efficient handling of high-volume queries.

Commenting on the CRM department’s performance, Vikrant Pradhan, Deputy Director of Events & CRM, said, “The CRM department’s success is driven by the diligent efforts of our 18-person call centre team, which is expertly overseen by CRM Manager, Surendra Gupta. Their rigorous follow-up ensures that cases are resolved promptly within the SLA timeline. This commitment not only enhances our operational efficiency but also significantly boosts member satisfaction. We are proud of our team’s achievements and remain focused on continually improving our service standards.”

GJEPC’s proactive approach in managing member queries and improving SLA compliance is evident from the data. The Council’s commitment to reducing resolution times and enhancing follow-up processes has resulted in increased member satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

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