Jewels That Lift The Spirit

Call them mood enhancers or symbols of connectivity – these jewels are a by-product of a surreal world that has locked the world up! In times of uncertainty looming over us, JEMMA WYNNE of New York and AKANKSHA SETHI of London have come up with limited editions that underline the basic human need – of staying bonded and strong.

Jemma Wynne

Connexion necklaces in 18-karat gold, diamonds and emeralds by Jemma Wynne.

New York jewellery brand Jemma Wynne’s latest capsule line, Connexion, finds Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin’s ruminations on “interconnectedness of the world during this very unique period in time.” Connexion, meaning ‘connection’ in French, is the duo’s way of “using jewellery – the great unifier – as a metaphor.”

The one-of-a-kind minimalist necklaces are envisioned as “tokens of resilience to be worn close to the heart.” The necklaces in the collection, which came to fruition during the quarantine, features 18-karat yellow gold ball chains and vintage diamonds or emeralds.

One of the necklaces has a lobster clasp chain that enables you to add charms and hold keepsakes. “The small connectors symbolise how we’re more connected than ever, despite the absence of physical touch,” say the co-founders, whose brand is synonymous with casual luxury. In a few of the pieces, the diamonds have been set in blackened pave or the plain bezel is completely blackened, to imbue the pieces with an edgier feel.

The designers have an affinity for interesting gem cuts, their use of alternative shape diamonds, like shield-cuts, and half-moon emerald, lend a restrained elegance to stylish creations. “We’re always looking for uniquely cut stones, they are our favourite to work with – and our clients always ask for unique gem cuts,” they add. “We love emeralds set in yellow gold and will probably use more for this in the collection going forward.” At the moment, Connexion has six necklaces with more bespoke styles in the making.

Akansha’s Cloud collection

Akansha Sethi
Cloud ear cuffs.
Reversible light Cloud pendant.
Cloud torque necklace.
Rotating white Cloud ring.
Reversible Cloud signet ring.

London-based designer Akansha Sethi’s latest offering, the Cloud collection, is an outcome of “skygazing during the lockdown” last year. Unable to travel and confined to her ancestral home in Indore, Akansha took to painting. “I would look up at the clouds like I used to as a child but instead of conjuring up imaginary characters, I began to see the clouds transforming into pieces of jewellery,” she adds. “I started designing my dream fine jewellery pieces, which I would like to gradually launch as a set of exclusive creations using magnificent stones such as fluorite.”

Her earlier works, made in Jaipur, in vermeil has given way to 14-karat white and yellow gold jewellery. “Seeing how the demand from existing clients has shifted from gold vermeil to solid gold, I felt it is the right time to launch my first fine jewellery collection,” says the designer, who graduated from Goldsmiths University and launched her namesake line ‘AS by Akansha Sethi’ in 2017.

She combines carved labradorites, moonstones and diamonds in her 10-piece Cloud collection; a mix of everyday and statement pieces that includes torque necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, mini huggies, rings and reversible pendant necklace. “The idea was to highlight the colours and characteristics of the carved stones to represent the fluffiness and texture of the clouds in this contemporary line.”

Cloud huggies and rings on a model.
Model wearing huggies from the Cloud collection.
The cocktail Cloud ring on a model

The opalescent hues of fluorite and labradorite – and healing properties attributed to these stones – made them an easy choice to incorporate into the design: fluorite is considered great for overcoming chaos of the mind, body and spirit, and helps create a balance, while labradorite, with its ability to enhance chakra energy flow, aids inspiration.

Back in London, Akansha is gearing up to introduce a cloud brooch and a pair of statement earrings to her collection following an increased demand for bespoke brooches. The Cloud Collection is now available on Farfetch, besides the e-shop on the brand’s website.

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