Platinum & Gold Twinning Trend Surges

It takes two to tango, and the juxtaposition of cool, icy platinum with the warm tones of pink gold elevates the sophistication of jewellery pieces to new heights. This emerging trend holds a dual appeal for those who cherish the presence of gold in their adornments yet seek the contemporary allure of platinum, the rare and precious white metal.

Way  back in 1200 BC, Egyptians used traces of platinum from the kingdom of Nubia in their gold creations. Who knew then that the bi-metal twinning will define the aesthetics of modern-day consumers in the 21st century?  But more on it later.

Despite initial disregard in 1590 AD, when Spanish conquistadors dubbed platinum “little silver,” its potential was recognised by King Louis XVI in 1786, who decreed it the exclusive metal ‘fit for royalty’.

Fast forward to the late 19th century, Tiffany & Co. pushed platinum into prominence for its unrivalled strength, ideal for setting diamonds and gemstones. Cartier followed, elevating platinum’s status further.


The Edwardian era (1901-1915) witnessed platinum’s highpoint, with its strength showcased in intricate jewellery. World War I momentarily dimmed its radiance, yet its resurgence during the Art Deco period solidified its appeal. Despite setbacks like its prohibition in post-WWII America, platinum found new admirers in Japan, Europe, and later, China. Thirty times rarer than gold, platinum continues to be a favourite metal of choice for lending contemporary elegance a piece of jewellery.


Indian Scenario

In India, too, platinum’s popularity has grown over the years, and consumers have wholeheartedly embraced Platinum Love bands to celebrate their momentous occasions. There’s a surge in demand for the Evara collection that embodies the individualistic expression of the modern woman, and the growing popularity of Men of Platinum offering sleek and sophisticated jewels for the men of today is unmistakable.

To diversity platinum products, Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director, PGI India, observed, “At PGI, we have noted a growing momentum for platinum jewellery, and we are hopeful of this trend persisting throughout the year. To achieve this goal, we aim to broaden our platinum offerings, targeting a wider customer base for our retail partners while encouraging repeat purchases. Our strategic focus includes the introduction of bi-metal platinum jewellery – a fusion of pink and white, which caters to contemporary tastes and taps into diverse customer preferences, aligning with global trends.”

At PGI, innovation drives product strategy, by producing bi-metal platinum jewellery, to cater to modern consumers and engage younger demographics.


Pallavi Sharma, Business Director, PGI India, explained: “At PGI, innovation is the core of our product strategy. Our bi-metal platinum jewellery embodies this. This strategic fusion enables us to introduce versatile and contemporary designs that cater to the evolving preferences of today’s consumers.

“Beyond product development, our approach aims to equip our partners with the tools to engage a younger demographic seeking distinctive and trendsetting jewellery options. This innovative approach not only defines the future direction of platinum but also unlocks new avenues for business growth, targeting the modern and discerning customer base, including millennials and Gen-Z.”

Combining these two heavyweight metals has given rise to a fresh design language that has captivated consumers pan India, and the trend is only getting stronger.


In concurrence with the PGI vision of exploring new business avenues and attracting new customers, here’s what its partners have to say:

Dipu Mehta, Managing Director, ORRA Fine Jewellery said, “Collaborating closely with PGI India, we aim to ignite platinum jewellery sales by exploring new business avenues. Our focus on bi-metal jewellery, blending platinum with pink and white, has helped us present unique offerings with captivating designs, enabling us to provide our customers with distinct and appealing choices.”

Milan Shah, Director, Kalamandir Jewellery, Surat, remarked, “Bi-metal jewellery marries platinum and gold, creating a compelling proposition. These unique, statement-worthy pieces offer a fresh take on platinum, attracting new consumers. Captivating bi-metal designs engage gold-favouring customers, introducing them to platinum’s appeal in a resonant style. Committed to exceptional designs, we believe bi-metal platinum jewellery unlocks exciting new offerings for our customers.”


Suvankar Sen, CEO & MD, Senco Gold & Diamonds, Kolkata, said, “Senco offers a diverse collection of bi-metal platinum jewellery for both men and women. Men’s pieces feature platinum wristwear with gold accents, chains with gold highlights, and statement rings fusing both metals. For women, we have an array of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and wristwear incorporating gold design motifs, with subtle gold and pink accents for a layered narrative. Witnessing a growing preference for bi-metal designs, we deliver differentiated pieces that elevate the platinum experience and inspire repeat visits.”


Amarendran Vummidi, Partner, VUMMIDI BANGARU JEWELLERS (VBJ), Chennai, said, “VBJ elevates the jewellery experience by blending heritage, craftsmanship, and modern design.  Platinum’s purity (95%) fuels fresh designs that resonate with younger consumers seeking emotional connections, not just investments. Partnering with PGI India, we unlock new avenues for platinum jewellery. Bi-metal jewellery infused with ceramic and sapphires seamlessly marries platinum and gold, offering unique pieces that cater to our diverse clientele. These designs bridge the appeal of both metals.”

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