From Tradition to Trend: The Evolution of Jewellery Styles this Year

SUMIT DASSANI, Partner, Dassani Brothers, talks about the evolution of changing jewellery trends and dives into the mind of today’s consumer.

Each year unfolds the emergence of new trends, and the world of jewellery is no exception. In today’s ever-evolving market, where traditional chunky pieces make way for sleek, designer jewellery, certain iconic pieces have become must-haves for every fashion enthusiast’s collection.

Sumit Dassani

Whether one prefers delicate and understated pieces or bold and daring designs, the jewellery world offers something unique for everyone. With an array of stylish designer jewellery readily available, individuals can curate a personalised look, experimenting with different styles to express their individuality.

The sinuous 18-karat gold cocktail ring with stylish florets is studded with uncut diamonds, rubies and a drop-shaped emerald. By Dassani Brothers

Embracing Modernity: The modern consumer, characterised by the millennial and Gen-Z cohorts, redefines the notion of jewellery ownership. Gone are the days of cumbersome, traditional pieces, as today’s aficionados gravitate towards sleek and sophisticated adornments. This penchant for contemporary styles mirrors a desire for daily wear utility and trendy designs that seamlessly integrate into everyday life. For instance, this cocktail ring encapsulates this shift, also confirming that lightweight gold jewellery is becoming the new norm, reflecting a departure from the singular heavy pieces of yesteryears.

The three-row necklace composed of Russian emeralds suspends a circular pendant that references the Victorian era. The antique finish 18-karat gold pendant is set with uncut diamonds, round brilliant-cut diamonds, freshwater pearls and fringed with emerald beads. By Dassani Brothers

Cherishing Legacy: Amidst the flux of trends, one enduring facet of jewellery remains unchanged—the timeless allure of heirloom pieces. In 2024, statement jewellery that narrates a story continues to captivate hearts and minds. The cherished adornments serve as vessels of self-expression, offering a glimpse into the wearer’s personality and heritage. With a nod to sustainability and versatility, enthusiasts are embracing the art of reimagining and repurposing heirloom pieces, transforming necklaces into bracelets and headpieces into renewed symbols of elegance. It exemplifies the artistry and timelessness of heirloom jewellery, blending classic elegance with contemporary flair.

The 18-karat gold floral hoops are adorned with irregular shaped polkis with drop-shaped emerald leaves, lined with brilliant-cut diamonds. By Dassani Brothers

Redefining Utility: Multipurpose jewellery will emerge as a beacon of versatility and practicality in 2024. Length-adjustable chains, stackable pieces, hoops, and interchangeable adornments redefine the boundaries of accessorising, offering enthusiasts many styling options. This dynamic approach to jewellery design reflects a growing demand for versatility and adaptability in an ever-changing fashion landscape. For example, polki hoops epitomise this trend, helping the wearer to seamlessly transition from day to night and complement a range of outfits with effortless sophistication.

Apart from traditional jewellery, a new trend emerges—the convergence of technology and style in jewellery. For example, fine watch jewellery is more than mere timekeeping today; it integrates into contemporary lifestyles as coveted symbols of sophistication and functionality. This fusion of form and function embodies the spirit of innovation, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into the future of accessorising. The future of accessorising promises to be as innovative as it is elegant.

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