Objet Trouvé: When Treasures Evolve Into Bejewelled Art

Memories pressed between the pages of the mind and the treasure boxes carefully filled with knick-knacks since childhood… all of these hold a powerful sentiment, and that was the core of one of the themes of the Artisan Awards 2024 —‘Objet Trouvé’ (Found Objects).

‘Objet Trouvé’ centred around the art crafted from typically non-artistic objects, whether natural, man-made, or fragmented, that served as wellsprings of creative inspiration for conceptualising contemporary wearable art pieces.  Examples of such ‘found objects’ could include vintage poker chips, antique coins, collected shells, vintage Venetian glass beads, buttons, and beachcombed treasures and more.

Scroll through the winners and finalists of this unconventional theme:

ROSE & ROYALTY  (Finalist)

The white gold earrings underscore the beauty of a rose wax seal, evoking an era when such seals were emblematic of romantic connections.  The dual-sided masterpiece showcases a delicately cut-out rose on one face and the commanding profile of a queen on the other, reminiscent of an intricate wax seal.

Enhanced with diamond-studded rose buds, petals, and leaves, these earrings merge nature’s beauty with the regal authority represented by the queen’s silhouette, thus creating an expression of elegance and power.

Designed by Anushka Gupta; Manufactured by Rathod Jewellery Mfg. Pvt. Ltd.



HURDLES  (Finalist) 

The white gold ring features an openwork grid topped with different coloured buttons, each adorned with a diamond-studded orb sewn on to the button with yellow gold threads.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the unique ring serves as a metaphor for the challenges encountered in life. Each button adorned with a diamond-studded orb represents a distinct struggle, reminding us that everyone faces their own version of adversity. The ring’s design underscores the importance of resilience in overcoming obstacles. It serves as a compelling reminder to keep moving forward, acknowledging that the beauty of the journey lies not only in its challenges but also in the strength discovered along the way.

Designed by Sandip Mondal; Manufactured by Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd.



THE MONK & THE BARISTA  (First Runner-up)

Some memories stay with you forever. For the designer, a visit to a Manali café constructed from pinecones and encountering a monk carrying a handful of these natural wonders inspired the creation of this atypical hair stick. Made from pinecone wood, the hair accessory features two pinecones looped with 22-karat gold diamond-studded cords of varying lengths.

Garnished with diamonds, the pinecones are the piece de resistance of this bejewelled ornament that transforms an ordinary object into a treasured piece that holds unforgettable memories.

Designed by Rashmi Kaushik; Manufactured by Kiran Jewels



PRECIOUS (Second Runner-up)

Old notes are preserved for their antiquity and preciousness, regardless of their nominal worth. Among circulating banknotes, the Indian one-rupee note holds the distinction of being the smallest in terms of denomination.

The earrings are crafted from genuine one-rupee notes, featuring 10-paise old, scalloped coins as posts encased in gold. These folded earrings are adorned with diamonds, adding an extra layer of elegance to their unique design.

Designed by Vijay Indulkar; Manufactured by Walking Tree Venture Pvt. Ltd.



90S NOSTALGIA (Finalist)

 Retro elements always kick in nostalgia and this must-have and cherished item – Natraj pencil sharpener — was a permanent item in every school-going kid’s pencil box.

The curvaceous silver ring, partly enamelled like the iconic red and black-striped pencil is being sharpened with an old sharpener. The pencil shavings are rendered in 14-karat gold and the serrated edges are enamelled with red, and  adorned with pave-set diamonds. 

Designed by Rajiv Ranjan Pandey; Manufactured by The Lapis Design




The Aanya earrings encapsulate a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the lively manjadi kuru, or lucky seeds (Adenanthera pavonine), traditionally offered to Lord Krishna in Kerala. The modern-age gold danglers are an artistic celebration, accentuating the inherent beauty of manjadi seeds and capturing the essence of pure innocence and joy from childhood.

The designer draws inspiration from the vibrant red coral trees that once adorned her ancestral homes. The ground beneath these trees held a treasure trove of fallen manjadi pods, each pod a source of brilliant red, smooth seed. These seeds, preserved for over 15 years by her family, are more than just ornamental; they represent a repository of special moments spent playing games, particularly those centred around the seeds, with cousins and neighbouring children.

The earrings are a poignant tribute to those carefree childhood years, designed to showcase the enchanting red hue of the seeds. This symbolic choice mirrors the unadulterated joy that defined those formative years, creating a wearable piece of art.

Designed by Yamini Devasree; Manufactured by Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers



GOLDISTRY (Finalist)

 Exquisitely designed, the rectangular mesh earrings showcase a masterful combination of 18-karat gold adorned with a captivating arrangement of brilliant-cut diamonds, emeralds, and carefully incorporated reclaimed circuit boards.

This fusion highlights the integration of cutting-edge technology with the everlasting allure of precious materials. The intricate pathways of the circuit board serve as a metaphor, reflecting the journey of life—a journey replete with opportunities and connections, waiting to be explored and celebrated.

Designed by Niveedhitha Muthukumaran; Manufactured by Niveedhitham


PINJARA (Finalist)

Nestled within the heart of nostalgia, the hexagonal 20 paise coin, an old Indian currency, invokes a sense of bygone days. To preserve these cherished memories, the coin is delicately ensconced within a pinjara, a cage of golden hoops, safeguarding the essence of our past.

In an artful tribute to this historical token, the earrings intricately mirror the coin’s hexagonal form, composing together clean, open structures. The inner frame, bathed in resplendent plain gold, pays homage to the simplicity of an era long past. Meanwhile, the outer frame, adorned with the brilliance of fine diamonds, adds a contemporary allure to the design—a beautiful fusion of history and modernity, preserving the past while stepping gracefully into the future.

Designed by Abhijeet Desai; Manufactured by Mani Jewel



TREASURE (Finalist)

These exquisite pink and white gold danglers showcase the elegance of seashells as their central theme. Originating from the ocean, these seashells, once inhabited by marine life, are discovered on the beach in a pristine and empty state, having served their natural purpose. Highly sought after by beachcombers, these empty seashells symbolise the cyclical nature of life.

The gold earrings pay homage to marine life by incorporating intricately designed gold sea horses as ear posts. Cascading from these posts are upturned seashells, arranged in graduating sizes, with each shell cradling a cluster of pearls. The overall design is complemented by the addition of green and white gemstones, enhancing the aesthetic allure of these captivating earrings that suspend diamond-studded glowing tentacles. 

Designed by Swapan Biswas; Manufactured by Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd.




At the heart of this pendant necklace lies a vintage-inspired, floral miniature snuff box. The pendant is further embellished with motifs that incorporate the designer’s childhood favourites such as a bow, 3D-rendered flowers — all crafted from gold and silver, and gemstones harmoniously blending a myriad of colours achieved through enamelling, offering an exquisite fusion of artistic intricacy and spiritual symbolism. This artistic piece is a tribute to the designer’s mother, who taught her the techniques of shading.

Designed by Smriti Sethia; Manufactured by Facet58 Jewellery Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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