How Natural Diamonds Define Luxury in the Modern Era

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) unveiled a fresh perspective on luxury with the announcement of the latest jewellery trends for 2024.

While the word ‘Trend’ when applied to natural diamond jewellery is paradoxical due to its inherent timelessness, what remains true in fashion is the preference for every silhouette and style sees a cyclical pattern; what is in vogue today was trendsetting in the past and will come back to the fore in the future.

This year’s trends epitomise a celebration of individualism and opulence, encapsulated in the theme of ‘The Age of Indulgence’.

A confluence of classicism and modernity, 2024 is a time to acknowledge the influence of previous trends – from quiet luxury to maximalism – and redefine them to fit into a revelry of pure pampering. Going beyond mere extravagance, the essence of the motif is about appreciating the little luxuries that infuse joy in our lives.

Natural diamonds have always had something for everyone, and every mood, and this year’s jewellery trends are just that. From Fancy Cut Diamonds to the resurgence of Diamonds and Pearls, and the ongoing popularity of the (Everyday) Choker, the key silhouettes capture the essence of the theme and reflect consumer preferences, placing emphasis on bespoke designs, storytelling, and cultural resonance. From lavish contemporary creations to timeless vintage pieces, local jewellery brands are poised to captivate discerning consumers with their unique narratives and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Fancy Cut Diamonds by Kantilal Chotalal
  • Fancy-cut Diamonds have transcended beyond their traditional role of engagement ring centrepieces. Pears, marquises, ovals, and emeralds now adorn exquisite necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, captivating enthusiasts with their allure. Moreover, larger, more daring pieces such as lariat or mixed shape natural diamond necklaces are poised to ascend in popularity, offering a bold statement of elegance and individuality which allow you to mix and match shapes to make unique combinations you can call your own.
  • The timeless duo of Diamonds & Pearls represents a classic pairing. Long revered by style icons and reminiscent of bygone eras, this paring is reclaiming the spotlight in jewellery trends, poised to become a coveted choice, particularly among younger consumers, as it seamlessly marries minimalism with contemporary allure.
Diamond and pearl jewellery by Moksh
  • The enduring charm of chokers continues into 2024, and The Everyday Choker takes centre stage, gracing necks from prestigious global to local red-carpet events, inviting wearers to take them out of their lockers and make them an integral part of their daily ensembles. From accent-stone chokers to mixed fancy-cut natural diamond neckpieces, and even unconventional choices like watches worn as chokers, this trend showcases versatility and allure in every form.

Richa Singh, Managing Director, Natural Diamond Council – India & Middle East, said, “In today’s age of fashion, everything and nothing is a trend at the same time. This mix of vintage style with contemporary chic is here to stay. The undertone of individualism was the foundation for Jewellery Trends of 2024. We encourage consumers to embrace their personal aesthetic and express themselves with their natural diamonds, enjoying this era of indulgence.”

A few of the key retail partners of NDC shared their thoughts on the 2024 jewellery trends:

Vinod Bamalwa, Founder at Nemichand Bamalwa & Sons said, “I’m thrilled to see a resurgence of timeless elegance in jewellery trends. Diamonds and pearls are making a comeback, and chokers add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Fancy-cut solitaires are also gaining popularity, showcasing the beauty of individuality. Natural diamonds, in particular, resonate with Gen Z and millennials who value authenticity and sustainability.”

Ashraf Motiwala, Managing Director, A S Motiwala Fine Jewellery said, “The enduring value of diamonds makes them a popular choice for those looking to hold assets that aren’t just financially valuable but also portable and private. In an age where indulgence intersects with practicality, diamonds serve as both a luxury and a prudent investment.”

Tarun Kanwar, Director, Navrattan Jewellers, New Delhi said, “I feel large, fancy-cut diamonds in all jewellery forms will continue to dominate all through 2024.”

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