Bewitching Beauties

Earrings – whether ear studs, hoops, c-clips, chandeliers, gem-studded cascades – possess an enchanting power. Here are some ear adornments for every mood and every moment that caught our eye.

The summery yellow gold semi-hoops are set with rows of ombre-shaded, carefully calibrated gemstones separated with diamonds. By Jaipur Jewels by Vaibhav Dhadda
The elegant drop earrings give a nod to the Art Deco era. The centre of attraction are two drop-shaped morganites framed with diamond and onyx. By A G Jewels
The double-drop earrings in gold create a new language of symmetry. Emearlds, diamonds and rose quartz lend elegance to these visually powerful earrings. By Kaamya Jewels
The pendant earrings encrusted with diamonds in openwork motifs are fringed with gold beads. By Laxmi Diamond
The arresting rose gold earrings are patterned with openwork spokes framed with diamond swirls. The earrings are further dotted with solitaires. By A’Star Jewellery
Resembling stylized dreamcatchers, the yellow gold tasselled earrings are adorned with filigreed gold drops, rubies, spinels, rose quarts and turquoise. By CVM


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